Specialist advice for Debt Management in South Africa

It may surprise you to know that a staggering 60% of households currently find themselves struggling to meet their financial obligations. There have been several influencing factors for this state of affairs, such as drastically increasing costs of transport and electricity as well as growing inflation, so much so that many often turn to friends and family for financial support and advice.

Even though these cultural mechanisms may offer some relief, even if temporary, lasting solutions are required in order to improve household financial resilience and at the heart of this for those who are struggling is sound Debt Management Practices. We have compiled a few relatively simple measures which can greatly help alleviate the growing burden of debt and put you on the path to financial freedom.

Have a Plan

Even though so many are in situations with unmanageable debt, relatively few household tackle this in a systematic way. It is highly recommended to draw up a budget, whether it is monthly, weekly or bi-weekly and follow it. Additionally you should keep a detailed account of all income and expenditure, so that you have a better picture of where every penny goes. Check out Money Academy for free advice on saving and budgeting.

No More Debt

This is really a self-explanatory point. Unless in emergency cases or under guidance of a qualified debt councillor, you should not make any further debt and tackle the debt you currently have.

Is it a Want or a Need?

While having a plan and avoiding the spiral of further debt, as a consumer you need to find ways to reduce expenditure and while many may say that it is not possible, often this is not completely true. An easy way to decide, is once you have all the expenditure information and items from the last month, you can write each item down under one or two columns, wants or needs. This will also help you better identify any potential things you could be saving on- savings that could help to more quickly reduce your debt levels which really saves you more in the long run.

Tackle the Big Debts First

This does not necessarily mean the debts with the largest amounts, but does mean those with the highest interest rates. This is because, the quicker these bills are paid off, the less you generally pay! It may seem unfeasible if the highest interest rates are for larger items such as a home loan or vehicle purchase, but you can surely identify some of the smaller debt items with high interest rates and make it a point to pay them off first. This can be done through diverting any additional funds available, regardless of how small, towards this. One could also opt for debt consolidation, but once again you should best consult with a professional before doing this on your own, which brings up the next point.

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is basically when you make debt with a lower interest rate and/or higher repayment period in order to repay smaller amounts with a higher interest rate and/or lower repayments period. This is usually done when consumers find themselves unable to pay their debts and have enough money for everyday expenses. As mentioned, a qualified debt counsellor will properly be able to advise you on this.

These steps and measures may seem insignificant or even impossible to implement, but can be the difference between swimming and drowning.

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Beware Of Steel Theft In Your Town

A study discovered that only the top 2 to three p.c of energetic-fund managers had sufficient ability to cover their cost. In this method, by creating ourselves our personal paper cash, we control its purchasing power, and we now have no curiosity to pay, to anyone. Electronic mail and cell transfers require enrollment within the service and must be constructed from a Financial institution of America consumer checking or financial savings account to a home bank account or debit card.

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Market knowledge offered by Interactive Information ETF and Mutual Fund information supplied by Morningstar, Inc Dow Jones Phrases & Circumstances: S&P Index knowledge is the property of Chicago Mercantile Trade Inc. Now each Product object may also have an attribute referred to as price which is a Money object, and can be utilized for money comparisons, conversions and many others.

Gold cash have been used for large purchases, payment of the army and backing of state activities. Deep down in our hearts, we all know that we’ve bankrupted America and that we’ve given our kids a legacy of chapter.. We have now defrauded our nation to get ourselves elected.

Makes use of arguments from Graziani, Augusto (1989), The Idea of the Monetary Circuit, Thames Papers in Political Economy, Spring: pp. 1-26. Horace , Epistles, I. 5. 12. Reported in Hoyt’s New Cyclopedia Of Sensible Quotations (1922), p. 521-24. The true purpose is, upon account of the forex of it: it can’t be recovered after it has handed in forex.…

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Level770 Offers a Platform to Help Call Centers Form Partnerships and Expand Growth

Level 770 has recently taken gigantic leaps in terms of having the ability to form business partnerships in order to help grow businesses in the call-center industry. They work from a collection of business models that can be custom suited to a specific company in order to specifically handle scenarios when trying to grow a business.

They have an efficient marketing capability and are extremely familiar with online trading and worldwide markets, their expertise is part of the reason that they possess a respected reputation in the industry. Level 770 is perfect for investors looking for low risk marketing strategies, as well as fast returns and easy investments. Level770 has a variety of solutions for different types of businesses, and this has been proven as they have active partnerships on four different continents, serving in about fifty different countries across the globe.

Level770 has built an extensive toolbox of exceptional and efficient services that are available to serve any time of company’s internal needs, such as financial assistance and technological advancement. These are the main ingredients when trying to successfully run a call center businesses, and they have all of the tools a company could possibly need in order to run successfully.

Their business practices involve three main business models, each one focusing on a different style of business, and they can be completely customized to suit specific needs. The most popular business model happens to be the franchise model. This model strategically focuses on aiding inexperienced business entrepreneurs that are trying to get established in the online trading industry. This model features a unique partnership to offer full services in addition to customized guidance in regards to your business.

The second business model is referred as the white label business model. This model focuses on active call-center businesses. The strategy for this model involves efficient planning in order to generate growth in general sales. The model also explores expansion into new opportunities within the online trading industry.

The third and final business that Level 770 specializes in offering is the IB business model. This model is all about business partnerships with active call centers that are already thriving, but are looking to expand into the online trading industry, as well as partnering with Level770. These models are all great for inexperienced entrepreneurs looking for professional support and step by step guidance when interacting with the world of online trading.

They also have a wide selection of trading brands available for established call centers to utilize. These brands fit perfectly into the partnership category of the business. The flexible opportunities are part of the reason that a partnership with them is so incredibly useful. They also offer a customer relationship management system that is designed to efficiently track a large number of different demographics when running an active call center. The CRM platform uses a number of efficient and advanced technologies in order to successfully generate these demographics. These are only some of the great reasons to form a partnership with Level-770.…

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Amateur online trading – Basics

In simple terms, online trading is the process of purchasing and selling financial products using the internet as the platform. These platforms are mostly facilitated by broker firms who make percentage of commission on every single trade though there are few brokers who offer no charge between transactions. If you are doing cryptocurrency trading, there are online exchanges to make trades just like the stock exchanges for the stock market. For some individuals, this online trading could be the only source of money while for others, it could be a great source of supplemental income. Since, the trading is risky, choosing the resources and tools could be of great help in ensuring you have a smooth run. ECNpremium

If you are a novice who is just entering this space, you might want to first get familiarize with the terminologies in the stock market. It could be useful while doing real time trading and also when you communicate with the brokers. You could also work on the test environments that brokers provide to get hands on experience with how the platform works. This is crucial as the trades need to be executed quickly while doing real time. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced trader, doing research about companies and understanding the stop loss would go a long way in mitigating your losses, if any.

Commissions are another important factor to be kept in mind while dealing with stock markets. There are many brokerage firms who have different ways of charging for each trade you execute. If you are a beginner, it would be a great idea to go with a broker who does not charge any commissions. This would help you to understand different patterns in the stock market trading before you make high risk trades.

Another important factor to remember is the hidden costs associated in online trading. Even though these costs could be significantly lower than what you might pay a brokerage firm, you might have to keep a certain account balance at any instant to avoid monthly maintenance fees. The concept of online trading could be alluring to a lot of individuals, but little mistakes could prove to quite hefty in this financial space. Also, try to choose a trading platform that’s easy to navigate as you might not want to have an account in something you do not know how to get around.

If you are in the cryptocurrency space, it is always a great idea to have accounts in multiple exchanges as not all the crypto pairs exist on one single exchange. Most of them offer exchanges with Bitcoin and Ethereum on their platforms, but there are other ones too. Even with these exchanges, you need to pay a percentage of the fee which could be in the form of bitcoins every time you execute a trade or move your coins or cryptos from one exchange to another. One of the most important points to remember is to avoid saving your digital currencies on exchanges and rather save them on wallets. Saving the currencies on wallets would ensure safety of your assets even if the exchanges shut down. There are also hardware wallets available for storing cryptocurrencies. CFDpremium

It is a known fact that there is a higher percentage of people who lose money in online trading than the ones who make profits. It could be overwhelming in the beginning, but you might have to test the waters if you want to excel in this space. Being conservative and setting your stop losses effectively could help you to understand the strategies and minimize your overall losses.…

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The 2010 Bayrock Group Lawsuit

According to an article published in February 2018 by Bloomberg News, February 22, 2018 marks the date that the Jody Kriss v. B.Group LLC, was settled. The lawsuit that linked money fraud, was filed in 2010. The two parties involved were Jody Kriss, employee and former finance director at the company and a large, multi-million dollar private company and developer of Trump Soho in New York City that specializes in international real estate investment and development and provides luxury residential, retail, resort, hotel and mixed use projects.

Company Operations

The Bayrock Group, LLC was founded in 2001 by Tevfik Arif who originally owned the company in Kazakhstan and Turkey, and expanded it into the U.S. In 2003, Felix Sater was brought into a partnership agreement with Arif. They agreed on two company terms: Arif was to contribute capital to Bayrock Group and Sater would manage company affairs in exchange for 50% of profits earned from investments.

According to the Third Amended Complaint, two allegations were brought up against the partners, in addition to Sater’s criminal conviction record that accused him of assault in 1991, and racketeering based on alleged stock manipulation and money laundering, in 1998. The TAC’s allegations claimed that: 1.Arif and Sater agreed to operate in a way that maximized profits, at expense of all investors, and concealed Sater’s criminal history and 2. They initiated an enterprise based on the partner agreement.

The company grew in size in 2003 and additional entities were formed and contributed to their enterprise. Between the times on 2003 and 2006, the group was in connection with specific real estate developments and brought in large profits. However, unfortunately, more allegations were made claiming that “the entities were managed and operated as a means to enrich the owners personally at the expense of third parties”. These claims were linked to the accountants that were employed at the firm that claimed their duties were assigned in a manner designed to create false impression that the Bayrock Group and its investments were operating in a “routine, and above-board manner”.

Additional fraud allegations as indicated by the Third Amended Complaint accused instances of concealment of information through material information concealment, bad faith practices and illegally structured payments. The material information concealment allegation was made in connection to Sater’s 1998 criminal conviction that accused him of one count of racketeering though familiarity with converting corporate assets into personal income without triggering detection. The second allegation was due to bad faith practices observed in Arif and Sater’s partner agreement where they agreed to simply ignore contract provisions and promises, along with IRS Regulations, to increase their take from the enterprise. Last, were the illegally structured payments Sater received between 2003-2007 that were not treated as wages and committed tax fraud.

Claims also found that one of the investment fraud targets included the Trump Organization. In 2003, Donald Trump was introduced to the company and settled with several of their developments, that started their marketing under the Trump brand. Throughout their business years, they did not notify the Trump Organization of the TAC Allegations that were made against them.

Their last major fraudulent allegation was made in 2007. During this time, there was alleged fraud with FL Group. The fraud occurred when the Group sold a major share of its projected profits to an Icelandic Investment Company, known as FL Group, and had generated $227.5 million dollars in profit. The company sold $50 million in exchange for equity interests that would entitle 62% of total profits. According to TAC, the transaction affected a sale of membership profit interests which were not sufficiently owned, made a large transfer and caused infringement upon FL Group.

Jody Kriss Affiliation

Jody Kriss joined the group in 2003. He had known Felix Sater from a previous real estate company that he worked for in 2002. Kriss received a proposal from Felix Sater to provide professional services for his company in exchange for 10% of profits earned from investments. Kriss accepted Sater’s offer and served as Director of Finance from 2003-2007.

The work experience got complicated when Kriss was later offered several additional compensation agreements for his work. In 2004, he was offered a new compensation agreement: a full-time position for the same job he currently held, for an additional 3-year term, making $10,000/month plus 10% membership interest in operating agreements, and an additional set of reimbursements from the company’s capital contributions. One year later, the compensation agreement was updated, known as the “2005 Kriss Agreement”, that offered him a non-dilutable 10% non-voting membership in the company and each of its entities.

It 2007, Kriss inquired on payments from his third compensation agreement and was responded with a $500,000 bonus that refused to pay any distributions. Due to this incident, he resigned in mid-September 2007 and …

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CRM Tools: 4 Key Advantages

Generating and organizing useful data on customers is a vitally important job in almost every business, and it’s also one that demands an absolute minimum of errors. This is why investing in a premium Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool makes sense for an ever-growing number of organizations. With robust CRM tools at your disposal, you can do more than you ever thought possible to understand your customers, help fulfil their needs, and identify new opportunities. Don’t let incomplete or incorrect data cost you revenue! Below you’ll find four of the broadest and best benefits that Rocket CRM tools deliver.

1) More Organised, Structured Customer Information

No matter what industry your business works in, making your customers as happy as possible is a top priority. In order to do that, you need to know everything you possibly can about them, their needs and their past business with you. In an ideal world, every point where a given customer interacts with your organisation should be documented and integrated into a consistent record. This is not the sort of goal you can meet with scribbled notes jammed into unsorted filing cabinets! CRM tools take your customer data into the 21st century, lending it consistency and opening it up for analysis that can deliver powerful insights. CRM tools also go beyond organising your customer data; they spread equally powerful access to that data throughout your organisation. Every employee who deals with customers in any context gains the full benefit of access to all of your information, saving time and improving the customer experience.

2) Better Communication Via CRM

To expand on that last point, with CRM tools, the full power of your customer data is available to every employee whenever they need it. No matter how carefully you curate customer experiences – so that each customer gets a single primary point of contact – sooner or later, other employees will need to interact with an unfamiliar customer. A ‘fresh start’ with a new employee can be forbidding to customers; they don’t want to deal with someone who’s unfamiliar with their specific issues. With good CRM software, this barrier to positive customer interactions is minimized. Every person who has contact with the customer gets to work from the same rich source of information. The fact that CRM solutions are cloud-based and accessible through any internet connection further expands their flexibility; employees can access all the customer resources they need even if they’re not in the office.

3) Robust Task Automation

Securing the customer’s agreement is just the start of completing a sale. Every sale breaks down into dozens or possibly even hundreds of tasks that need to be completed properly to keep your selling and documentation processes running smoothly. Information has to be recorded, reports have to be generated, multiple departments (e.g. the legal team) need to be notified – the sheer volume of information handling can be formidable. Addressing all of these ancillary chores is vitally important but also labour-intensive. A properly-designed CRM system streamlines the process considerably by adding helpful automation to most if not all of these tasks. Keep your sales representatives focused on the jobs they do best: closing leads and enhancing customer experiences. You can trust your CRM tools to handle the details!

4) Better Reporting and Analysis

Bad data handling is a terrible reason to fall short of your goals, and CRM software does a lot to protect you from it. The centralised storage of data offered by CRM tools goes a long way toward reducing flaws in analysis and reporting. You can free up time be relying on integrated plugins and other analytical tools to generate the insightful reports you need. Set up personal dashboards to track key metrics like progress toward sales goals, employee performance, and more. More reliable, easy-to-process data leads to more effective decision-making. With intelligent software that unlocks the full potential of the customer data you collect, you’ll be able to cultivate greater customer loyalty and earn higher profits in the long term.…

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The Importance Of Floor Plans

There are many things you should do once you’ve decided you’re going to sell your home. You’ve got to get yourself an agent, de-clutter all the rooms, and commission some nice, professional pictures that’ll make the place look great.

However, there might be a really important step you’re missing. These days, it can be a terrible idea to try and sell your home without distributing its floor plan. In fact, it can be just as important as fancy photos, or enticing descriptions, and end up doing an excellent job marketing your property, potentially making or breaking a successful sale. Let us explain why.

They Give Potential Buyers Perspective

While photographs can give an interested party an idea of what the home looks like, they’re hardly objective or precise. A property floor plan, on the other hand, gives prospective buyers actual data that they can work with, so they understand how much space there is at your home and how exactly it is distributed. This way, they’ll easily understand whether or not the home’s dimensions suit their needs.

They Paint A Picture

A good floor plan helps communicate whether your not your home is a good fit for buyers, so they have a quick way to figure out if it has a few spare rooms for when they start a family, or whether the bedroom is far enough away from the road. If you don’t provide that information, you could lose a buyer to someone who has.

They Provide A Reality Check

When a prospective buyer is considering whether or not to buy a home, they want to have a sense of which of their belongings they’ll be able to wring with them, and which ones they’re going to have to leave behind. Again, the level of detail available in the floor plan will be a lot more useful in that regard when compared with pictures.

With the floor plans, buyers will know whether their Italian armchair is going to fit the bay window – and more. This may not sound that important to you as a seller, but it’s crucial information for buyers, and if they’ll want to know it, it’s your job to take into account.

They Tell No Lies

Floor plans can be trusted. When a potential buyer is inspecting your home, they might start daydreaming. As the walk through the property, it’s natural for them to fixate on certain pieces of furniture or pay too much attention to the varnish on trims and fittings.

In only a few hours, they may notice that they’ve forgotten important information about the physical space that the home offers, and end up confused about what is and isn’t included in the property. It gets hard to make a decision about the property – but it can be counteracted with ease by offering them the floor plans.

They Inspire Change

There are two main reasons why someone will fall in love with a place they’re thinking of buying. Either they are really satisfied with how everything already is, or they see a lot of potentials and believe they could make it into the home they want.

A floor plan is great for this purpose – as it will illustrate the current makeup of the home, and potentially inspire some professional or even do-it-yourself renovation. A good floor plan will be simple and user-friendly, so potential buyers will understand at a glance what kind of modification is architecturally possible. This way, they can make plans for whatever home improvement they might have in their mind.

Floor Plans Can Sell Homes

When the time comes to sell your home, floor plans are absolutely essential. A floor plan that’s well-designed and detailed could sell your home on its own, even. Floor plans are so important that, according to research, 20% of people looking to buy a home will ignore property adverts that don’t include one.

Many buyers consider this information significantly more important than summary texts or images commonly published with the brochures. If you’ve decided your home is going to market, do it right and don’t neglect this important step. Book an agent, arrange some pictures and invest in a clear, beautiful floor plan.…

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