So, where do you look to sell the top-trending items on Amazon? Starting with Amazon’s own best sellers list is a great idea. Based on sales, this list of Amazon’s top products is updated every hour. The items on the Amazon top sellers list are the ones that are selling the best overall on the website, and it is organized by category to make it simpler to discover what’s popular in your specialized market.

The majority of the highest selling items on amazon is based on Best Sellers Rank, a rating that Amazon assigns to every product on the marketplace based on recent sales and sales velocity. The list is an excellent place to start because this metric is updated hourly, but it won’t help you comprehend long-term trends in product sales. You shouldn’t buy a product just because it appears to be a current Amazon bestseller for a number of reasons:

  • These goods have fierce competition.
  • Perhaps trends are reversing
  • The products cannot be very profitable or have high margins.

Despite this, the Amazon Best Sellers List is still an excellent resource for learning about what people are interested in right now. To gain even more product ideas, you may also look at the Customers also bought section on intriguing products.

The Best Amazon Trending Products You Can Sell: How To Find Them

When we hear the word “research,” our eyes often start to glaze over. However, you need to conduct some product research if you really want to step up your eCommerce game and identify the perfect things to offer to the right clients. Fortunately, there are a number of third-party product research tools that may greatly simplify and even make this process enjoyable.

  • Jungle Scout

The most utilized tool for Amazon sellers conducting product research is likely Jungle Scout. For Amazon alone, they’ve created product research algorithms that offer a wealth of data about customer demand, projected profitability, rivalry, and seasonality for any product or specialty on the marketplace. To identify international suppliers and manufacturers, use Jungle Scout if you’re interested in private labeling. Other beneficial tools for selecting the best keywords are also available on the platform.

  • Helium 10

If all you’re looking for is a tool for product research, Helium10’s toolkit for Amazon sellers may be a bit much for you. The platform has tools for Amazon SEO that can be used to uncover popular keywords and improve Amazon product listings as well as develop manual or automatic PPC campaigns. In order to do product research, Helium10 scans millions of products from a variety of product categories and market niches. It then delivers demand, sales trends, and seasonal data (such as the top products for the summer or the holidays), as well as detailed price and revenue projections.

  • ProfitGuru

ProfitGuru is a fantastic resource for wholesale research and offers many techniques to locate things that will sell on Amazon. You can use it to locate products where competition is limited and the products aren’t sold by the brand owners or Amazon. It provides statistics on product performance using the ASINs of the products. The supplier information supplied on well-known brands makes it a popular platform for wholesale sellers and can help you save time throughout the vetting process.

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