A hurricane’s intensity could impact the safety of not only the property but those residing inside. It’s important to plan ahead for everyone’s sake. The following are 3 things to do before the storm reaches you.

1. Check Your Insurance Plan

While many houses may be untouched by the storm, some houses are likely to incur damage. If that happens, insurance may assist with the restoration and repair. Call your insurer, and discuss your current policy before hurricane season begins.

Likely, the plan handles harm to the structure if it’s from the system itself. For example, roof damage is often included. However, if the destruction comes from rising water, you may be out of luck. In this situation, you need to have flood insurance Maitland FL to cover costs. If you live near a body of water, it could be a good thing to add.

2. Gather an Emergency Kit

Head out to the store and grab a plastic bin (or two), and be sure to have lids. Use one to store papers and valuables that you don’t want to be ruined. In the other, stock up your supplies. Lights are likely to go out, so have flashlights and batteries. Also, include a battery-operated radio and a portable charger for your cell phone. Someone may get injured, so a fully stocked emergency medical kit is a good idea.

3. Pick Out Healthy Food

Gather food that is recommended by emergency services. Have nonperishable food for at least 5 days. Cereal, boxed milk, canned vegetables and soups make for good choices. Just be sure to watch the sodium levels. If you have cans, you’ll want a handheld opener as well. It’s hard to get protein when the fridge is out and stores are out of food. Protein bars and shakes last and may be used to supply essential vitamins.

Don’t wait to get supplies. These storms move at various rates and are hard to predict. Having things on hand before the season begins gives you a leg up.

By lexutor