Having a toddler is, in and of itself, a challenge, because most toddlers are explorative, adventurous, rambunctious, and super-curious by nature. So, you are constantly running after them, seeing what they’ve gotten into, and trying to teach them about the world around them in ways that keeps them safe but allows them to explore. You need some downtime. Just a moment to collect your thoughts without worrying over what your beautiful little terror will do next. So, without further introduction, here are a few ways you can occupy your toddler for an hour or two.

Head to the Library, Park, or Find a Playgroup

Libraries have play areas, parks gave mini playgrounds, and playgroups are comprised of a bunch of hyper kiddos and their equally exhausted parents. Find your beat. Take your kiddo to a designated place to run and play, because the adventure outside of the home will wear them out. Hurrah for naptime after those couple of hours are up.

Activity-Centered Décor Goes a Long Way

Toddlers, as established, love to make a mess and explore with their hands, feet, eyes, and whatever else they can get in on the adventure. All the more reason to have an activity-centered crafty something-or-other in your kiddo’s bedroom or playroom. It could be a few kid-height chalkboard walls, an easel with finger-paints (and a drop cloth), simple crayons and a coloring book, or puzzles with fun, bold, colorful pictures to piece together. Or, play a classic outdoors game with something like a big bouncy ball or custom cornhole sets. Engage their minds to engage their bodies.

Kid-Friendly Holiday-Themed Arts and Crafts

If you want to be apart of their arts and crafts time, consider doing something that is usually reserved for the holidays. For instance, help your kiddo paint a pumpkin or a gourd with funny faces, make cards for loved ones, or cut snowflakes from construction paper to hang on the windows.

Watch a Show or Movie Together and Simply Relax

Sometimes the answer to occupying your rambunctious toddler is the television and a really good movie. Most 2 to 3-year-olds love music, so pop in a Disney feature with loads of songs. Or, when in doubt, opt for Mickey Mouse. No kiddo can resist the fun tunes of Mickey’s squeaky voice. During the movie, snuggle on the couch with your calmed kiddo, and watch it together.

There’s no shame in needing a moment to sit, chill, and simply watch your kiddo do something fun and amazing sometimes. Even watching a movie together can be enough downtime for your mind and body to unwind.

By lexutor