5 Great Tips For Saving Money on Phone Bills

These days most people have at least two if not more phones that they use. We live in a society where we feel the need for contact almost 24-7. Not many of us are inclined to tell people that we can’t stay on the phone because of a big bill, as this is embarrassing. However there are other ways to save a good bit of money on phone bills so read on.

The very first tip is to analyse your phone bills as this can show what is costing more, what type of usage you have and the percentage to landlines and to mobiles. Depending on the usage there are different plans which can work out more economically, so get your last bills out and see what the patterns are. Are there international calls and if so that needs to be factored in.

The second tip is to remember that BT do not have a monopoly in the UK although it may seem as if they do. There are many cheaper alternatives out there such as cable companies who offer a package which includes both your landline and your television. There are also broadband internet companies who have much cheaper rates for low cost dial up services.

Consider an override provider as many of them can provide very cheap calls and are commonly used in the case of mobile calls and international calls. You will need to check with your provider that they do not block an override provider. The concept here is that you keep your current provider and dial up an access number of an override provider to go on their system and get access to these far cheaper calls. Then you dial the number you wish to dial.

Check on the internet for uSwitch which is a service that searches more than twenty top UK telephone suppliers and based on your current usage find out which one or ones would be the best for you. They can assess how much more or less you may save by changing providers and plans.

In the case of mobile phone bills they can sometimes be even more difficult to control. The ideal situation is to switch to a pay as you go phone so that you are aware of what you are spending. This is very suitable for people who use their mobile phone less or those who know that they need to cut down on usage.

If you really need to use your mobile more then it is important as in the case of a landline to assess the usage and start researching plans which fit your usage. By following these five tips you can save hundreds of pounds on your phone bills.

By lexutor