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You Should Know These Important Interpretation Tips.

Interpretation is the unrehearsed transmission of a spoken or a signed message from one language to a different language. Interpretation play an important role of overcoming language barrier in the increasingly globalized world.

With an increasingly growing multilingual businesses coming up, interpretation companies is slowly becoming an important part in the process. There are so many areas where interpretation can help in the cross cultural communication, from conferences to courtroom, police inquiries to presentations. Interpretation is categorized in three categories, consecutive, telephone and simultaneous interpretation. To help with your assignment, here are tips you can follow.

Gather facts. You need to collect and put all the information about your assignment before stating the interpretation services. Doing this helps one to clarify their own requirements and give a brief explanation to the interpreter. Good interpreter companies ask their clients some question to ensure they have covered everything.

Go for quality. Do not be tempted to hire a bilingual interpreter or a fresh language graduate, they do not have the required experience. To be a good interpreter requires more than being able to understand and speak a different language. Hire a good communicator who can work well under pressure with accuracy and speed.

Choose wisely. Conduct a research on the interpreter before agreeing to any commission. You want to work with a professional with a track record of successful interpretation projects, with excellent knowledge of relevant industry. They need to be very fluent in both languages. Ask for references and check their credentials if you are in doubt.

Know the styles. There 3 interpretation styles in use today. Simultaneous interpretation is the continuous interpretation running through the whole speech. Consecutive interpretation involves breaking the speech into segments which is then interpreted. Telephone interpretation is mainly for short discussion with overseas customers or suppliers. You will plan better if you understand all the styles.

Plan beforehand. Your interpretation will a lot smoother with advanced planning. Apart from knowing what to say, also thing of how long your speech will be and how you intend to pace it.

Be precise and clear A speech which is easy to understand will help the audience and interpreter greatly. Use short and simple sentences which avoids idioms and words which are easily misconstrued. It is good to also avoid industry specific jargon, jokes and abbreviations as they are notoriously hard to interpret.

Talk to the interpreter beforehand. It is good to talk to the interpreter before the assignment. Take time and establish a rapport. Understand the other person’s way of working. Give a copy of your speech to the interpreter. Discuss any potential problems or sensitivities that might arise.

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