An Absolute Guaranteed Way to Increase Your Income

An Absolute Guaranteed Way to Increase Your Income

Did you know that there is an Absolute Guaranteed way to Increase your Income ?

It is Governed by the Law of Compensation which clearly states that the amount of money you earn will be in direct proportion to three things.


The NEED for what you do

Your ABILITY to do it


Usually you have nothing to do with creating # 1, The need for what you do, it was just there. However, if you become better at # 2, Your Ability of filling the need, whatever that is, then the third step will automatically take care of itself. It will become very difficult to replace you. Now it’s true that there is no such person that is irreplaceable but it is true that some people are VERY DIFFICULT to replace.

Now if you are difficult to replace then your stock goes up and you earn more money because people will pay more for what you do. You have become a specialist. This makes things quite simple. Your main focus then, is on improving what you are good at doing. Become a master at whatever you do. Make up your mind that you are gonna get so good at it, that you can find work anywhere.

Learn to develop your strengths and manage your weaknesses. Most people try to get better at what they’re not good at, doing things they don’t even like, thus creating no end of frustration for themselves as well as for those around them.

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There is no the time like now to do what you love to do and decide to get better at it ! This will automatically cause you to follow the law of compensation and will also GUARANTEE that you WILL be compensated. Now your stock goes up, you Increase your Income because you are worth more in any marketplace and, this will all happen in spite of any recession going on.