Are Headlines That Important?

The simple answer is Yes!

Having the right headline in your advert or subject box is the initial step to getting your prospects to read the rest of the add or email which, in turn, makes them click through to your product or affiliate link. Properly used, your headline is the teaser that will make them click when you give them the call to action.

But how do you think up a good headline? Here are some easy to follow guidelines:

Use a question instead of just a statement. A question will get the readers’ attention and hold it better than just relaying a statement or some facts. e.g. ‘Are you making these 3 marketing mistakes?’ instead of, ‘Marketing mistakes and how to correct them.’

Use a problem instead of a solution. Tell people what the problem is that they are experiencing and get them to open the email or read the rest of the add to find the solution that you are promoting. e.g. ‘Is your computer slowing down your business?’ instead of, ‘Slow computer – slow business.’

Introduce curiosity into your headline. We are a naturally curious species so take advantage of this. e.g. ‘Can you really make money online?’ instead of, ‘Make money online – we show you how.’

If you can put these three principles into each and every headline or subject line then your articles or emails will get more views and more click thrus. Why?

Our brains are designed to deal with questions on a deep psychological basis. Our forebears had to learn to distinguish facts from fiction and in so doing they developed the simple question/answer strategy. This means that we are already geared up to answer any question put to us, our brains automatically start to try to answer it and is not content until it does.

If you can introduce a problem into it then this supercharges the need for an answer and adding curiosity just increases that. Using these three principles will enable you to come up with headlines that not only grab your prospects attention but they will actively engage in trying to answer it even before they read the body of your add or article. It is as natural as breathing.

You should spend at least half the time you put in, to coming up with a good headline/subject line so that your prospect is already engaged in knowing the answer/solution before reading further. In this way, when they come to the call to action, they will be more inclined to click on it.

Of course, the body of your email or add still has to be well written in order for your prospect to have trust in you and the solution you are proposing but that’s for another article, which I may write soon.

To Your Success

David Murphy

By lexutor