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Geleentheid, kans فُرْصَه възможност oportunidade příležitost die Gelegenheit probability; lejlighed ευκαιρία oportunidad , ocasión võimalus فرصت tilaisuus occasion הזדמנות मौका prilika, šansa alkalom kesempatan tækifæri opportunità 機会 기회 proga, galimybė izdevība peluang gelegenheid mulighet , anledning , sjanse okazja چانس oportunidade ocazie, oportunitate возможность ; удобныи случаи príležitosť priložnost prilika tillfälle, möjlighet, chans โอกาสที่ดี fırsat 機會,時機 нагода; сприятлива можливість موقع cơ hội 机会,时机.

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter had detected phyllosilicates there, and the rover analyzed the rocks with its instruments to check this sighting on the bottom. Given the chance, he’ll watch TELEVISION all day → si le dejases , se pasaría el día entero viendo la tele.

I’m so grateful that she was my buddy and we had the chance to work collectively. I think it could be higher if I went alone on this occasion. Public Impact Chapel Hill, NC 919-240-7955 Contact Us Terms of Use © Public Affect 2012-2017 Alternative Culture® is a registered trademark of Public Affect.

It’s also the one part that facilities on the day by day situations of life for most of the residents of those cities. Use Alternative to socialize and grow your community. Technologists, local leaders, and authorities are working collectively to extend economic alternative throughout the country.

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