For example, an investor predicts if within 20 minutes the price increases then it will buy or call with a value of 100 dollars and with profit reaching 80%. If your analysis is correct, and 20 minutes when the contract is closed then you are entitled to a profit of 80% of your authorized capital. But if the opposite happens about the contract put, then in 20 minutes when the contract expires you will not get anything or your profit is 0%. In principle, if your analysis is just before the time the contract runs out it means you will get a profit, and if your prediction is wrong then you have to start over from the beginning with a new capital. For the best finder of the best trading chance, you must try The Bitcoin Code.

Trading binary is a matter of patience and perseverance. But before you go directly to this investment with binary options, learn first about this investment by attending workshops, reading books, and other means. It is important to avoid the continuous defeat that will cause despair so you can just stop in the middle of the road. After knowing the fundamentals of this investment, here are some reasons why you should choose this one investment instrument when compared with others. Also, Click Here for more the details.


Trading binary options can be said to be a simple and entirely uncomplicated type of investment because it gives definite results that have been established at the beginning of trading. If your prediction is right then you will benefit from your target, but if it is wrong, then you will lose your capital and nothing more. There are only two possibilities for this investment that is profit or loss. Easy as that!


By trading on binary options, you can choose the financial instrument flexibly, that is, on all markets (commodities, stock indices, and foreign exchange), all market conditions (inside / outside, up / down, touch / no touch) all durations (from 10 seconds to 365 days), and all potential outcomes (from $ 1 to $ 100,000)

For all people

This type of investment can be said is suitable for all circles either individual investors to people who already experienced in the capital market. If you are an individual trader, then you will love the flexibility, the potential risk is limited, and the ease of doing this trading. You can even start with an affordable capital on this business.

As with any other type of financial investment in any binary options trading you should partner with a brokerage firm to provide your trading platform. Here are some guidelines for choosing the right broker for you.


Choose a broker that includes clear regulation on the official website. This will ensure the performance of the relevant brokerage business including the application of company policy to the trader. Brokers who enforce policies at the standard level mean that will not harm traders in this cooperation. It is also important as a guarantee of security of client funds.

Financial transactions

It is important to choose a brokerage company on binary options Indonesia which provides facilities to facilitate the client’s financial transactions or deposit and withdrawal process. You can immediately recognize the quality of a broker if his clients have difficulties associated with the financial transaction system. A suitable broker to work with you is one that has a secure, responsible, and efficient financial transaction system.


For traders, the most important is the trading platform that allows easy use of trading. The complexity of using this facility will be very frustrating, for example, takes a long time just to place a trading position. Don’t let the technical problem be your obstacle to gain profit on this investment.

Choosing type of trading

As mentioned earlier, trading binary options are available under various market conditions such as touch / no touch, in / out, and so on. Therefore, you should be suspicious if a brokerage company limits the type of trading options. This policy may be a trick to manipulate the trading of clients. In addition to the choice of trading types, also look at the transparency of the trading system in order to avoid fraud to customers.

Commissions and bonuses

Do not be easily tempted by brokers who offer bonuses or commissions with unreasonable amounts because this could be a marketing technique to attract many customers. Bonus deposit up to 40%, for example, could be a facility to watch out for because the value is actually too big to be a bonus. Therefore, you should choose a broker who is able to provide quality trading facilities even though the bonus is not as big as the broker.

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