Cracking the Affiliate Code

Generating traffic to your website can be a big challenge for you especially if you are new in the internet marketing world. If you read online business books before then you will know that there are many ways to generate traffic to your website including search engines, pay per click advertising, e-mail marketing, website banners, and article directories. Most of these methods need time to start showing results especially search engines. You can get real traffic to your site from search engines after three months. In the other side, there are many methods that can brings instant traffic to your website, but it will costs you hundreds of dollars like the pay per click advertising, but if you used it in the right way then you will earn a lot of money, and you will crack the affiliate code with it.

The best paid per click advertising program is AdWords. In this program you can choose and specify the characteristics of your customers. You can choose your customer’s location, language and much more. You do not have to be the highest bidder to get the first position, because there are many other factors that determine the ranking position. Two of this factors the quality score of your site and your ad CTR. If you can increase your ad CTR and your site quality score you will automatically pay less than your competitors and you will get higher position than your competitors.

Michael Jones the professional internet marketer and one of the best PPC teachers released his newest course that helps internet marketers to learn the latest PPC methods and tactics. He called it “The affiliate code”. This new course covers everything you need to know about website building and about PPC traffic generation.

Here is a list of topics that this course covers:-

How to choose your domain name and how to build your website.

How to choose your niche and how to choose the products that you will target it.

How to collect the e-mail of your visitors.

How to write your sales page and your ads.

How to drive paid traffic from AdWords program.

How to drive free traffic from forums and blogs.

How to test and tweak your ads and your websites.

The affiliate code course is not an e-book, but it is a digital video course. The course consists of nine modules that cover the previous topics. This course is everything you need only if you want to use AdWords program to drive traffic to your websites. My advice to you that if you want a good PPC blue-print then this course for you, but you must take care that if you did not follow the instructions correctly you will lose a lot of money very fast in the pay per click game.

By lexutor