Do Your Share and Stop Getting Spam Emails

Who would not love surprises? Women love surprises, so do men. Or, some could be just too proud to admit it. On the internet, one of the many surprises we get is the spam emails. These are those unwanted emails that we receive in our inbox. Contrary to the fact that surprises should most often make us happy, these spams make us restless about hitting the delete button instantaneously. The war to fight email spams has been waged years ago and yet the quest never seems to cease. Yes, it is indeed difficult to fight email spams. These mails often catch us by surprise especially when your inbox says that you have hundreds of unread messages.

Some of you may have thought that you have urgent messages to attend to. Only to find out that everything is actually just a hoax from strangers who are selling on the internet. You can only imagine the range and variety of products that these people are selling. Some can be pretty amusing, while some can be unimaginably annoying. Have you ever bothered opening mails from senders you don’t even know? If this is your habit, then you are only welcoming more spams to get into your inbox. We may not totally eradicate these nuisance emails but surely we can minimize its damage.

We need to fight spam emails by not giving them any chance of being opened. Thus, when you receiving mails coming from you don’t know, delete them right away. If it’s coming from people you know but has some suspicious attachments in it, better verify first with the sender before even opening it. Another bad habit I have noticed about many internet users, they are so fond or forwarding chain emails. If you receive mails asking you to forward it to your list or else your dog will die in the next 48 hours, I say don’t ever forward it.

It’s obviously a scam. It’s one of the techniques of spamming actually. If you do this, spammers will harvest more email addresses. Just imagine the chain. It could result to thousands of addresses being harvested. Good for the spammers, too bad for us. Spammers utilize advance technology and so to fight email spams has become quite a big challenge for every internet user how to regulate it. To sum it up, you can fight email spams if you have an apt anti-virus software, don’t give out your email address to just any person or any website, don’t forward chain emails, and don’t open suspicious mails with attachments.

Surely there are many other ways to fight spam emails. If you seriously like to stop getting spam emails, then you have to seriously abide with the rules in eliminating spams.

By lexutor