Fund Raising Equals Free Money

Fund Raising Equals Free Money

We are all looking for ways to increase our sales and one of the easiest ways to do it is fund-raising because it is free money to the organization that holds the fundraiser. The first thing you have to do is get the word out there that you sponsor fundraisers. Post something in your restaurant for your guests to see. Another great way to market fundraisers is to visit local churches and schools with in a few miles of the restaurant. Tell them this is a great way to earn free money for the church or school. Non profit organizations in particular are always looking for ways to raise money for the church or school.A�

The amount that you want to give back is up to you, but the average is between 10 and 20 percent of the sales that was generated from the fundraiser that particular evening. Remember they normally only have just enough money to get by, because if they want to do something extra it is difficult without having the extra funds needed. The more you are able to give back means that much more to them. Also they are bringing people to the restaurant and this is extra sales for you that you normally would not have had.A�

Once someone has decided to hold a fundraiser, the best way to track it is to get the school or church to put together a flyer that they can hand out to each of their members letting them know what is going to happen. This is free advertising for the restaurant. You can also help them by letting them know you will make extra copies for them if needed. Encourage them to pass out as many fliers as they can to increase awareness getting them into the restaurant.A�

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On the day of the fundraiser make sure they bring in the flyer. This will let you know that they are here for that reason and the school or church will get the credit for that sale. If a guest asks what the school or church gets let know them that they will get 20 percent of the sales that the fundraiser generates. You should have extra fliers on hand if someone forgets the flyer. If a guest arrives and is not part of the fundraiser they school or church won’t get the credit. Remember the more guest they bring in is free money for them and new guests for you.