Getting Started With an Internet Business – 5 Simple Steps to Achieving Online Business Success

With everything that is written about getting started online with an internet business, it turns out that a few simple steps are all you need to get started. I have referred to this since 2007 as the 5 pronged approach, and it is still valid today. In fact, these five prongs have helped me to establish myself online in a very short period of time. I will share them again here.

The first prong is blogging. Your blog is your home on the internet, so make sure people will know exactly who you are and what you do when they visit there. Also, just as you would keep your physical home warm and appealing, do the same thing with your blog. Provide lots of valuable information on your topic, and invite visitors to leave their name and email address in return for something special. This can be a short report or an audio recording that gives them even more information. You are not trying to sell anything to them. Instead, you are making them feel comfortable with you so they will stay around for awhile.

Article marketing comes next. Your articles give you credibility with your topic, visibility online, and the ability to grow your list with targeted prospects. I write one article every day to share my thoughts and ideas with people from around the world. These articles can easily be repurposed into blog posts, saving you time and increasing your visibility even further.

The third prong is social networking. This was just in its infancy when I first talked about it in 2007, but now it is a crucial part of your online strategy. Spend some time on Twitter and Facebook to see how you can become a part of the conversation. You will be very glad that you do this in a short period of time.

Teleseminars are the fourth prong. Allow people to hear your voice. Teleseminars are a form of public speaking, so get used to the idea of presenting your information out loud. The recordings can be downloaded by your prospects to listen to and connect with you further.

Affiliate marketing rounds out our list. This is the very best way to start making money when you are just getting started. I learned most everything I know about creating and selling products by affiliating with some of the smartest people on the internet. I continue to learn from them and make almost half of my money each month as an affiliate.

These simple steps will help you to build your online empire. Spend some time each day and you will be amazed at how quickly your business will grow.

By lexutor