Groomsmen Gifts You Can Afford

Planning a wedding is a hard task and keeping it on budget is even harder. The last thing you want to do as a new couple is start out in debt from your wedding so it is very important that you stay on budget. A great place to save money is through your groomsmen gifts. Groomsmen gifts can be very expensive but we have some money saving gifts that will still look like you spent a fortune.

8 Budget Friendly Groomsmen Gifts

1. Personalized cufflinks are a great budget friendly option. You can get personalized cufflinks for less than $25. The customization and sleek metal gives this gift the appearance that you spent much more than that and your groomsmen will love them. These can even be worn during the wedding.

2. Men love sports. Most men have a favorite sports team and are die hard fans. This is a great way to bring their personality into the gift. You can purchase a wallet with a money clip that features their favorite sports team for less than $17. Not only is this a great gift but if also has function!

3. Having a drink can be relaxing and a sociable event. A shot glass can be the perfect addition to your groomsman’s bar. You can have the shot glass personalized with their initial for a more custom gift option. This great gift will only cost you $12.

4. A business card case makes a wonderful groomsmen gift. All working professionals have business cards and they want to keep them store properly. A business card case is the perfect solution for your gift needs. You can also get each case personalized with engraving. This gift will only set you back $13.

5. A photo frame can be a very budget friendly gift option. A photo frame is very personal and will keep the memories of your special day alive. Men love electronics so why not get a frame that features a neat function like a digital thermostat or clock. You can find this gift option for less than $25.

6. A key chain is a perfect groomsmen gift. Not only is this gift easy on the budget it functions in everyday use. Purchasing a silver key chain that is engraved with their initials will make the prefect presentation without anyone ever knowing you didn’t spend more than $20.

7. A Swiss army knife is a gift that will last a lifetime. The company provides you with a life time warranty so you can be assured that your groomsmen will get a lot of use from this gift. A Swiss army knife has several functions that a normal knife doesn’t have. This is sure to be a big hit with your guys for less than $20 it won’t be a big hit on your budget.

8. Money clips are widely used and very important. Your money is an asset you want to protect and keep organized. A money clip can keep your cash secure and well organized. A money clip is a practical and useful gift option. You stay on budget too since money clips start as low as $12.

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