Helpful Tips to Have a Safe Cruise

Robbery while on a cruise may or may not happen. Nevertheless, you still need to be prepared for any untoward incidents. Here are some tips to help you

Secure your travel papers. Have two sets of your travel papers and other pertinent items like passport and visa, credit and ATM cards, driver’s license and health and vaccination certificates. You also need to have your notification contact numbers for lost items. Put these documents in separate folders and keep one copy for your safekeeping. If you are traveling with your family, give the other copy to your wife or to a trusted companion if you are with a group. Keep the original copy and the duplicate in different bags. It is better to have the original in your hand carry bag. You can also make use of a belt bag.

Use simple luggage. Robbers are trained to know what is cheap and what is not. An expensive luggage will catch the attention of robbers in just a span of seconds. Have a list of what is inside your luggage. If possible, take a picture of your luggage (inside and outside). This will help you to identify your things in case of loss or even mishandling. If you want to put a label on them, do not write your full name; your initials or nickname will do. Do not also put your complete address. Putting your full name, complete address and even contact number is an open invitation for robbers. Aside from the lock, keep your suitcases secure by taping them. The duct tape is good for securing luggage. Bring an extra roll of duct tape for emergency purposes.

Security Tips while Onboard

Before leaving your cabin, make sure that the bathroom and closets are tightly closed. Always double-check if your cabin door is tightly locked. Do not leave any valuables inside your closet. Hand them over for safekeeping in the cabin’s vault. No matter how tired you are from the onboard and port activities, ensure that you lock your door before you lie down to sleep. Do not divulge your cabin’s number to anyone. Likewise, do not trust your key to a new friend onboard.

If you are traveling alone, it will be wise to stay with the other cruisers. On the other hand, if you are traveling with your family, give instructions to your children. Instruct them to stay away from non-public areas on the ship and not to roam on their own. For teenagers, tell them to inform you where they are and who they are with.

Thieves are many on the ports of call. These people have victimized many travelers. Beware of them when walking around the port. Your wallet must be kept in your front pocket. If you are walking with your rucksack, carry it in front and not at the back. You may be busy with your shopping or taking pictures while the thief is also busy ripping your rucksack on its side or the back. Women can keep their money inside their bra.

Ensure that your camera loop is tied in its case and tie the strap to your belt.

When shopping, make sure that you do not show all your money especially if you are in the market. Do not carry big bills not unless you plan to go inside the shops. Have loose bills and in small denominations.

It is necessary to be on your guard always.. You do not want to spend a holiday cruise enjoying the views and go home upset because you lost some items. Having a secure cruise holiday is probable if you implement certain precautionary measures.

By lexutor