How Can a College Kid Make Money

How Can a College Kid Make Money

You are probably sitting in a dorm room right now asking yourself how can a college kid make money. I bet you have even typed “how can a college kid make money” into Google to see what you could find. First of all, if you hear that you can make a million dollars in 2 minutes it is a lie. After all if it were that simple wouldn’t we all be rolling in money?

Now on the other hand, there is a method on the internet that will work. It is called affiliate marketing and it really does pay. What you are doing is promoting another persons product. When you get a person to buy the product you earn commission. Plus when you promote internet products it is not uncommon to earn up to 75% of the money and if you make multiple sales it adds up really fast.

This is not a millionaire overnight plan.

You will have to spend a good bit of time to get started. You will have to invest in a training program and take the time to learn how to get everything started. If you are looking for something to put $1000 in your bank account tonight then just close this page. If you do not think you can handle putting a little bit of time and money in then just quit.

However, if you are willing to learn and put a little bit of work in then you can start right away. If you think you do not have enough time just think about how much time you waste throughout your day. Facebook, TV, sitting around between classes, etc. If you are willing to take some of this wasted time and put it into learning and working then you too can begin receiving paychecks.

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I personally am sick of seeing people who expect that the internet is just an endless gold mine looking to pour money into their bank accounts. There is a reason it is called working online. In fact when people ask “how can a college kid make money” people should really ask how hard a student is willing to work. If you are going to get started then keep going at it and do not quit after 3 days. 98% of people who start affiliate marketing end up failing and not making a single penny. Of course these 98% of people are all not putting as much work into it as it takes. You usually have to work for at least a week or two before you will earn a single thing.

As long as you are willing to put in the effort then the best way a college kid can make money is to find an affiliate marketing training program that will get you pointed in the right direction. Once you go through it and learn what you need then you simply begin working and stick with it until you finally begin making money online. Remember that you do not have to be poor in college.