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Details About Tattoos A lot of people really have no idea what tattoos are. People will have different point of views on the topic about tattoos. But either way, it will always get people’s attention. Memories like the where and when you saw your first tattoo personally will get stuck on your head. As a kid, you will always have a lot of questions about certain things especially when you see your first tattoo. The reaction upon seeing the tattoo will depend upon the design on the tattoo that the person will have since there are a lot of tattoo designs that anyone can choose. Kids today that see tattoos and get amazed by them will certainly plan to get one when they are old enough to get one. When you see the first design on your mind when you were still a kid, you will normally have a similar tattoo. You are lucky enough to be born in this era and having tattoo because decades ago, tattoos were not really accepted. But it is still not a hundred percent accepted, there are still a lot of people who are against the permanent mark. But there are different factors, some will hate it because of what their religion is telling. And some will just hate tattoos for their own reason. But people can never deny the fact that tattoos were here millions of years ago, it is part of the old civilization. You should know that the term tattoo was actually derived from the word “tatu’ which means to mark. You need to know that the first tattooed person to be found was around the year 1991 in the Alps and was called “Iceman”. The “Iceman” was said to live around 5,300 years ago, carbon dating data said. There are actually fifty-eight tattoos found in the specimen’s body. The “iceman” was considered to be one of the most important figure in his society. The basic ingredients that the tattoo had were just charcoal and water.
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Tattoos were a form of protection according to the ancient cultures, it was used to ward off bad luck and sickness. Tattoos were then changed and now Egyptians used needles to make them.
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You should know that Japan used the tattoos to identify criminals. Certain groups had their own tattoo design that will indicate that they belong to this kind of group. Tattoos in the Japanese mafia were even used to scare off other people, tattoos were a symbol of strength. The rich history of tattoos are just wonderful, you can learn a lot of things from the history of tattoos and how they benefited the culture before, tattoos were considered to be scared. When choosing your own tattoo design, make sure to choose a design that will be meaningful to you.