Is bad credit pulling you back from a successful application for a housing loan? Then, here are four fantastic ways to improve your credit score in a year or less:

  1. Register to Vote

The first thing you want to do to get any credit is to be registered into the electoral roll. You can apply anytime by going online at The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Ensure that you have your national insurance (NI) number as this is one of the requirements to get registered as a voter in your local electoral borough.

EU citizens and foreign nationals from Republic of Ireland can register to vote in local elections. You can find more information at If you are a non-EU foreign national or a non-Commonwealth national, then you need to provide proof of residency to credit reference agencies. These agencies will verify your documents, such as your UK driving licence, utility bills, proof of address, visa, etc.

  1. Make Credit Card Repayments a Priority

Many people think that the flexibility of credit card repayments does not affect their credit score. However, delays or misses in credit card repayments over the last 12 months can painfully endanger your credit rating. While you have a lot of bills and expenses to pay, you need to prioritize credit card repayment before the deadline comes. Pay your credits using a direct debit. Setting up an automatic or default credit repayment scheme through your direct debit account will help you ensure that you never miss or be late in repayments.

  1. Utilize Free Eligibility Calculators for Credit Applications

When your credit applications get rejected, your credit score suffers, as well as your future applications. To prevent these bad consequences of being trigger-happy with credit applications, make use of free eligibility calculators, such as those from There are separate calculators for applying loans, money transfer cards, cashback card, airline cards, overseas spending cards, and more. It is fairly easy to fill in the details on the eligibility calculator and it only takes less than five minutes to know whether you should really apply for that specific credit and lender or not.

  1. Get Yourself a Credit Rebuild Card

Building a good credit history will help future lenders know that you are responsible with credit. Grabbing a credit rebuild cards are meant for people with poor credit score. Ironically, they usually offer an appalling 35% or higher APR. To rebuild credit through them, you need to pay in full every month. For example, you can opt to use £30 or £40 on the card and then pay it before the same month’s deadline for repayment. It will take around 6 months to a year to see the difference in your credit score as you use your credit rebuild card.

These four tips are proven effective to improve one’s bad credit rating. In general, you should be very careful in applying for more credit and ensure that you are being proactive in consistently repaying your credits. In the meantime while trying to rebuild your credit score you require direct payday loans please visit Payday piggy who can help you out with a short term loan until your next payday.

By lexutor