How to Turn a Blank Piece of Paper Into Money

Can you really turn a blank piece of paper into money? The answer is very simply yes, yes, yes. In fact there are many ways. For example bank notes are printed on paper and these can be A�5, A�10, A�20 or A�50! That’s one way for starters!

I could write a map on a piece of paper and it might point you to where to find a chest of gold worth millions of pounds. The piece of paper could then be arguably worth millions of pounds!

OK so these are a bit far fetched, but there is a point to this.

A blank piece of paper has absolutely no value whatsoever. It is worthless. But, add something to it and it can either remain worthless, or it can increase in value hugely.

The key is what you print or write on it. In most cases, apart perhaps from the bank note example, the thing you are putting on the piece of paper is knowledge. Something you know that your reader doesn’t and yet wishes to. So a treasure map for example. Or newspapers which impart knowledge of the news that is going on in exchange for 80p or so.

So how can you turn a blank, worthless piece of paper into A�20, or A�50? Actually quite easily, and there are many men and women across the world doing it right now. They are imparting knowledge for money. It is highly profitable and is making many people very wealthy as you read this.

The form of the product can be a guide, or a book, or a manual, or an electronic file or ebook. It could be all sorts of knowledge, like for example how to learn how to play the piano, or how to train a dog, or how to earn money from becoming a courier. The list is endless.

Furthermore you don’t even need to know how to do these things yourself. You can either research them and write it up, or better still get someone else to research and write for you. You can actually do the latter for very little money.

There isn’t enough space here to really do this business justice, but I hope I have given you a flavour of what is possible. The potential of home publishing is huge and continues to grow. You can be part of that successful industry if you choose to be.

By lexutor