The arrival of Spring brings an end to cooler weather and begins a season of warmer temperatures, sunshine, and a flurry of activities not possible in winter months. It also brings more concern for allergens and can be a season of suffering for many if air conditioning units don’t receive the proper maintenance, ducts are not properly cleaned, and home air filters aren’t changed. Most homeowners realize the importance of attending to furnaces before the onset of cooler temperatures but fail to give the same attention to Spring heating and cooling maintenance.
The problem with this is heating and cooling ducts, or improperly functioning cooling units can be the catalyst for introducing dust, and allergens into the home. Filters also need to be changed on a regular basis to prevent allergens from floating through the air, and to ensure units are running at full capacity. This requires heating and cooling technicians who not only maintenance units but provide professional cleaning to ducts and inspect units for malfunctioning parts.

Most homeowners don’t realize that doing so reduces not only allergens, but also environmental hazards, such as mold, radon, carbon monoxide, and excessive carbon dioxide. Most are also unaware that indoor pollution is typically five times worse than outdoor pollution. Those with smokers in the home are at increased risk of indoor pollutants, with cigarette smoke introducing 4,000 chemicals and 200 poisons. One out of 15 households has extremely high levels of radon in homes. Radon enters homes through cracks in the foundation, through drains and other openings. Many homes fail to properly install carbon monoxide detectors and may have high levels of carbon monoxide. These are all good reasons to provide proper professional HVAC services lake county il, and complete duct cleanings to ensure these dangers don’t exist in homes.

A deep cleaning of ducts is necessary to ensure all dust and allergens are removed from the home duct system. Professional technicians clean duct covers, removing such agents as cooling oil and nicotine film. The technician also cleans all parts needed to filter air supplies in the home, including the blower, coils, squirrel cage, and condensation pan. All air ducts are deep cleaned with a rotating brush system, removing all allergens, pollution, and chemicals circulating through the home’s air system. Air ducts are also sanitized, as well as vents through environmentally protected sanitizers, to ensure all ducts and vents are clean and safe as possible. Deep cleanings are especially important for families that suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory-related illnesses.

Air conditioning units should also be cleaned and checked. Technicians can also test the home for carbon monoxide and other chemicals and install detectors. Thermostats operating correctly, and the condensation health related to heating and cooling units provide overall environmental health. For these reasons, professional heating and cooling inspection of homes are vital and necessary. Not only do such inspections provide healthy air quality, but high-level air also prevents many health problems, and ensures homes are free of chemicals and pollutants that interrupt good health.

By lexutor