Injured NYC Tourists Should Hire Local Injury Lawyers

History, commerce, food and art—there are many reasons to visit New York City. However, the attractions that draw almost 55 million visitors each year can hide some pretty significant dangers. Tourists are injured in the city each day, but few feel ready to file an injury lawsuit. Here, potential clients can learn about their rights and responsibilities when filing a claim.

Can Someone File a Lawsuit After Being Hurt During a Visit to NYC?

Area injury lawyers speak to dozens of injured visitors each year. Many believe their accidents were preventable if only someone else had exercised more care. However, they often worry about being forced to stay in the city when life calls them home. It’s not necessary to stay in NYC to file a lawsuit because local personal injury lawyers can fight for clients’ rights no matter where they are.

Does the Victim Have an Injury Case?

With a thorough investigation, an injury attorney can determine the validity of a client’s claim. However, most incidents carry some degree of negligence, which is a failure to exercise the same level of care that a reasonable individual would have used in similar circumstances.

Is it Important How the Incident Happened?

Certain circumstances involve the duty of care from the beginning. For example:

  • Doctors owe patients a duty to provide adequate care.
  • Drivers owe other motorists and pedestrians to follow road rules and operate vehicles in a safe manner.
  • Cabbies have a duty to avoid road accidents.
  • Rental property and hotel owners owe tenants and visitors the duty to keep the premises secure and safe.

When such duties aren’t upheld and someone is injured, the victim has the right to file an injury claim in NYC.

Does a Victim Need a Local Lawyer?

When a tourist is injured in NYC, they can consult local injury attorneys. Regulations and statutes vary widely by jurisdiction, and these differences can have substantial effects on a negligence case. A local lawyer can help an injured tourist navigate the city’s complex court system, and they can use their experience to protect visitors’ rights. That assurance simply can’t come from a lawyer in a different state.