Internet Marketing – Backlink Ideas For Beginner Marketers

Internet Marketing – Backlink Ideas For Beginner Marketers

Ok, Internet Marketing is an involved topic but here are some basics that will provide you with a good game-plan to get your sites ranking well. IM is an ongoing activity and so it does depend on how much you want to do. But with various monitoring tools to track progress, it becomes quite an exciting challenge to see your site getting higher in the search engines. First of all, it is not necessary to submit your site to Google or other search engines, and some say it is better if you let Google find it itself. This is up to you. Different people have different opinions. SEO is not an exact science! If you do want to submit it, go to or and find ‘add a site’.

Backlinking – this is perhaps the most important SEO activity you can do. If you can afford it there are tools you can buy like SEO Nuke, or Brute Force SEO to automate this process, but you can also do it yourself, you just need to commit a certain amount of time to getting your site out there. Ideally you want to be creating a high number of links pcm – say around 200 pcm. But don’t overdo it as Google can penalise your site (usually temporarily) if you backlink too much. Still, most people won’t be doing that much unless you are a full-time internet marketer (or if you pay someone to do this work).

The key is to create backlinks not only for your site’s main url, but also for key pages. Google sees each individual page as a separate entity. You want to add links to your url on as many other sites as you can, ideally related in topic, but this isn’t too important.

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Some tips for creating backlinks:

• Onlywire

• Social bookmarking – Look for socialmarker

• – add your site free

• Blog Directories – Add your new blog to these, search for these on Google

• Forums – post comments on forums, or whatever interests you, and if the Forum allows (check its rules though) add anchor text to your site in your signature

• Twitter – tweet regularly (eg about new content added to your site) and add people to your profile

• Facebook – add a link to your site on your Facebook profile, or create one if you don’t have one

• LinkedIn – business networking, also groups to post to

• Ecademy – business networking

• Youtube – add videos of your testimonials

• Squidoo – create a ‘Lens’

• Digg – Digg your articles and web pages

• Stumbleupon

• And much more!

Backlinking truly is the backbone of getting traffic. Google ranks sites that have more backlinks higher.

Internet marketing is an ongoing activity.