Make Money Online Without a Website

Make Money Online Without a Website

Some people reckon it can’t be done. But I can tell you that while you can make a lot of money with a website, you can also make a lot without one.

The truth is that there are a lot of websites around today that allow you to publish content free of charge. This means that if you are just beginning to get going with online money making, you don’t have to find the cash to pay for a domain name or ongoing hosting fees. These may not cost too much but for some people they would be enough to put them off starting in the first place.

So that leads us back to the sites that let you start publishing for free. Two of the best are HubPages and Squidoo. They both let you create free web pages on most subjects, although they are very different from each other. Squidoo has far more options when it comes to building those pages, and the lenses (web pages) can get hugely long and involved. HubPages hubs (their term for web pages) don’t tend to be as long as lenses; they read more like individual articles than anything else. But you can still earn money by joining the Amazon affiliates program and inserting your links there. It’s also possible to earn money from Google AdSense, so it’s not just a one trick pony.

But the point is that there are opportunities everywhere to earn money online without having the hassle of setting up a website. The trick is to use sites like Squidoo that allow you a great deal of breathing room when it comes to adding links. This is by far the best way to use these sites – by adding affiliate links that can earn you a lot of money.

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You still have to get traffic to your pages. But you will find it gets much easier to do so because there will be an existing community on the site already. Quite often you can publish a lens or a hub and get visits very soon afterwards. You should still work at increasing those visits by becoming more visible on the sites, being a part of the community and publishing more pages. And of course you also need to link to your pages and promote them in other ways too.

But the point is you do not need to start out with a website. Sure, you can grab one or more for yourself later on when you have some money coming in. But to begin with it’s perfectly easy to start with a site that is already popular, such as the two I’ve mentioned on this page. It gives you a framework to use instead of starting with a blank canvas. It also provides a way to gain your confidence and get your first few sales while you are still finding your feet.

Once you’ve done that you can pick up speed with your own site.