Make Money Taking Real Estate Pictures

Home sellers across the US are desperate to get their homes sold. In markets that are saturated with similar priced homes, homeowners need to stand out above the crowd.

Most people want to see high quality photos of items they plan to purchase, especially houses. With a high number of homes on the market, the houses with the most quality pictures will get looked at first. In my days as a Realtor I would skip over the listings that had low quality photos or had only one picture. Pictures help narrow down the homes you want to look at so you are not wasting time driving all over town.

This brings me to my point about making money taking real estate pictures. Real estate agents who have a lot of listings don’t have time to do all of the marketing on their own. They will hire other people to do it for them. Plus, they may not own any decent photo equipment.

I have seen some horrible looking photos that agents have taken of their listings. The house may be perfect but potential buyers make skip over the listing due to low quality pictures.

For Sale By Owner home sellers provide another market you can tap into. Since they have not hired a real estate agent, they need all of the help they can get with promoting their home.

Finding your clients is pretty simple. Looking around at for sale signs you will get a good idea of the high producing agents in your area. You want to market to the busy real estate agents who have a lot of clients and little time. They want to make themselves look good to potential sellers. Agents offering professional photography services could help them get a listing in this competitive market.

There are a lot of For Sale By Owner websites you can check out or call on FSBO signs to offer your services. These people need help and many won’t mind paying a fee for quality photos because they aren’t paying a commission to a real estate agent.

With a camera, there are a number of ways to earn extra income or make a living. Specializing in a niche such as real estate photography means less competition and can be very profitable in our current housing market.

By lexutor