Multi Level Marketing and Reasons Why So Many Fail

This article is targeted for multilevel marketers who want to learn how to make money online, however its not just limited to that group. Any and everyone of any type of entrepreneurial spirit can use many of these tactics to amass as much money as they desire.

The first key to making money on line is to understand the dynamics. Years ago I was in a traditional network marketing company, and I did traditional things, I made a list of my friends and family. I called those closest to me first and enrolled a few of them into my business and they all did basically nothing. Then I subscribed to ads, postcards, flyers, belly to belly meetings. I was a hunter. I hunted anyone that I thought would be a good candidate for ‘my’ business. However later I realized it was not my business.. but was an opportunity for me to make money. But that’s a different mindset all together.

However the real deal is, back then, I didn’t understand the numbers. Sure I heard a million times that multi-level marketing or network marketing was or is a numbers game; but what I didn’t know or understand was that the typical conversion rate for most marketing campaigns is 1% -3%. Are you serious? That is the reason that most people don’t make it in network marketing. Most people are not naturally leaders, nor do they understand marketing or the numbers. I was great at marketing however, I didn’t understand the numbers. I understand now that generally it takes a person at least 7 views of whatever it is that you are ‘selling’ before they act.

I can’t begin to tell you how many people I would talk to and tell them about my company – and they would say, wow, oh yes, I’ve seen advertisement about your company, and I was genuinely interested and wanted to know more about your program. With this information I begin to realize that it really does take time for people to act. Before this impromptu market surveying, I believed that my marketing techniques were not working.

I realize now that there were many others who felt the same way, and instead of stopping what I was doing, I should have continued to move forward. I read the book, Think and Grow Rich – but I still didn’t apply ‘that’ principle to my own story. And one of the first lessons that is taught in the book is not to give up! Or put another way, You shouldn’t stop before the miracle happens! This is a powerful statement, that is also parallel to so many other characteristics that it takes to be successful, such as optimistic attitude, perseverance, tenacity and a burning desire to never give up.

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By lexutor