Niche Marketing – What Are The 4 Simple Ways To Get Targeted Traffic To Promote Internet Business?

Niche Marketing – What Are The 4 Simple Ways To Get Targeted Traffic To Promote Internet Business?

Traffic flow to your website plays the most important role in the online internet business. This is because with higher amount of traffic you get, the probability of converting traffic into potential customers will proportionately increase. Hence, traffic is regarded as the most valuable asset to internet marketers like me and you.

Here, I will be writing this article to share with you 4 straight-forward ways of getting traffic to help promote your online internet business.

1) Free Traffic via Affiliate Promotion

To set up an affiliate program, you will firstly need to subscribe to an affiliate management system like ClickBank to manage your sales transactions and tracking. The way to go around this is to provide lucrative commission (Eg 50% – 75%) and necessary promotion tools to attract affiliates which could be competitors or competitors’ affiliates to help you promote your product and channel traffic to your website.

2) Free Traffic via forums and Yahoo! answers

Another way to get free targeted traffic is by joining forums and communities related to your niche market and be an active member to answer questions and give comments. This could also be done by providing answers in question databases like Yahoo! answers. From this, you will be directly communicating with targeted audiences and the way to get traffic is by easily posting your website URL link at the bottom of your comments to generate traffic.

3) Paid Traffic

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In contrast to free traffic, you could pay money to build a list and get traffic from Solo Ads, which is the promotion of your website via other marketers’ mailing list). Alternatively, the more affordable paid traffic method is via Paid Per Click (PPC) through Google AdWords or Facebook Ads, where the advertisement leading to your website will appear next to search results.

4) Blogging As Traffic Channel

A blog is a powerful interactive platform for you to communicate and build a relationship with your readers or followers. Good contents will lead to more mailing list subscribers and directly increase traffic. However, it does take a relatively longer time to get followers to your blog, but the outcome is rewarding if you could properly monetize your blog.


I do hope this article had been useful to you and will spark your interest to join the proven online money-making industry with Internet niche marketing. Feel free to follow my other articles to learn more about Internet niche marketing in whole.