Opinions of Others and the Law of Attraction

Opinions. Everyone has one. And, too, often the advice they’re offering isn’t the best for you. People say things out of jealousy and meanness. And sometimes just to hear themselves talk. We need to develop an internal “filter” which lets us know what advice is valuable to us and what needs to be tossed out with today’s garbage.

Truth is, the opinions of others only matter if you want them to. If you love and trust someone and you know they have your best interest at heart then you might just want to heed the advice they give you. but other than that, you need to follow your heart and mind.

Too many times, we listen to the wrong people. The neighbor up the street that tells you that you’re never going to have your own cosmetic business because who buys cosmetics in this economy anyway? Well it’s clear she doesn’t-she looks like she had the makeover from hell. And she got fired from her last five jobs because of her bad attitude. Take advice from her and not only will you not get anywhere but the law of attraction seems to guarantee that more people will come your way to criticize!

When you take unwanted criticism into your heart, you are making yourself feel bad and lowering your vibration. This allows negativity to pour into your life. So keep it out. Say something like “I really appreciate your advice Sally, but I’m actually very good with cosmetics and have done my research on the business. I am certain I’ll do quite well with it and look forward to getting started.” (I’d leave out the part about her needing a makeover herself-no sense in making a bad situation worse.)

Listen to your heart and to those who love you. Leave everyone else out of the equation. You’ll never get everyone to approve of you so don’t even try. Just value yourself and your abilities. That will lead you to the success that you desire.

By lexutor