The experience of buying an automobile in Germany can be both delightful and essential. But if you have a foreign license, will you be able to do it? Well, the answer is yes but with certain constraints. The German government provides relaxation for non-native people or even someone who wishes to live outside the country and intends to purchase a car with a driving license from that residing country.

Car drivers must enroll in some insurance and German Car Insurances provides the best solution for car insurance to help register your vehicle in Germany. Here is a guide to buying a car in Germany with a foreign driving license:

German Car Merchandise

Germany holds the distinction of receiving the paramount number of employees in the automotive industry. Also, it manufactures some of the most refined car mechanisms ranking third highest car production wares in the world. That is the main reason why people inside and outside Germany prefer to buy a car here in Germany. As for the foreigners, some policies are set forth by which they can authorize acquiring a vehicle with a foreign driver’s license.

Policy for purchasing a vehicle with the foreign license

Most people travel to Germany to buy a car and then leave for their country again. In this situation, one cannot indulge in issuing a driver’s license for each country. Here are some terms and conditions for foreign license plates:

  • Registered with EU/EEA: If you have registered your car license with the EU/EEA the European Economic Area, you have the viability of using your foreign driving license till the date it expires. It includes some exemptions as well. It should be a full license, not an IDP(international driving permit). You have to renew your driving license from your home country as it exceeds the expiry date to avoid any inconvenience.
  • For permanent stay in Germany: If you have registered with EU/EEA and wish to settle in Germany, you have to exchange your driving license with the German driving license.
  • Registering with a non-EU/EEA driving license: If you have registered with a non-EU/EEA license outside the country, you can purchase a car with a license validity of six months extended to not more than 12 months.

Exchanging your foreign license to buy a car in Germany

To avoid inconvenience, you can first exchange your driver’s license with the German car license, or you can translate your driver’s license. However, you still have to pass the driving test to ensure you are eligible for the exchange and conversion of a driving license.


With the accretion in demand for German cars, many people outside the country are showing interest in purchasing the cars in Germany yet facing difficulty due to the driving license eligibility. Germany is offering assistance to foreign people buying cars by either extending the eligibility time limit for a foreign license or by validating the car license by exchanging and translating it thus, helping in promoting the automotive industry.

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