When a suspect is arrested for a crime, he or she is considered innocent until proven guilty by trial. Therefore, the US criminal justice system provides the cash bail system as a means for most defendants to secure their freedom from custody while awaiting trial. For those who cannot afford to pay a high bail price in full, there are Wyoming County bail bonds services that can help.

Setting Bail

Within a few days after an arrest, suspects will attend an arraignment or an initial bail hearing, at which the judge can either deny bail or set the amount. Bail amounts are generally higher for more serious crimes or in cases where the judge determines there is a high risk of flight.

Paying Bail

Any individual can find out the amount of bail for a defendant by directly contacting the jail. A defendant may also choose to employ a lawyer to communicate with the jail and courts on his or her behalf. The full amount of bail may be paid directly to the court, after which the suspect will be released with the guarantee that he or she will show up for future court dates. If the defendant does not appear, the judge will issue an arrest warrant and the bail is forfeited to the court.

Bail Bond Services

Bail bondsmen, or bail agents, provide financing options for defendants who are unable to come up with the money to pay bail in full. Bail agents will issue a surety bond to the court for the full amount in exchange for a service fee. This fee is usually equal to ten percent of the total bail. Most bail agents will also require collateral property. The bail agent will keep his or her fee, regardless of the outcome of the case but collateral is returned when the defendant shows up for trial as agreed.

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