As a commercial farmer, you know how important it is to bring in crops and meet shipment deadlines on time. You cannot afford for crops to be left in the ground or on trees for a day longer than necessary. Failing to harvest on time could put the entire crop’s integrity at risk. Further, you need to ensure the harvest is ready to be inspected and shipped out to vendors on time.

The payment of your contracts depends on your timeliness. With that, you need to bring in help harvesting crops because your agricultural operation may be too large for just a few people to handle. However, you also want to make sure you hire people who are legally capable of working in the country and in your state. You can work with the state’s department of labor, the farm bureau, and websites like to find legal agricultural workers who can meet the work needs of your large commercial farm. Learning about Worker Requirements If this is your first or second year recruiting talent to work for your operation, you may not know what is required of the people who come to you looking for jobs. All you know is that they need to have the proper identification and work authorization before you can hire them.

However, if you have not seen what this authorization looks like, you may not be able to tell authentic paperwork from documents that are falsified. You may inadvertently hire illegal workers, putting your farm at risk of losing its licensing and tax credits. The website can help you learn what the right credentials look like so you avoid hiring people who are not authorized to work or even be in the country. You also can find out other worker requirements as mandated by your state or the federal government. The website is also a good source of information about what requirements your own operation will be expected to meet. Once you know these expectations, you can then begin the hiring process. You can also meet important harvesting and shipment deadlines for your vendors.

By lexutor