Small Business SEO Tips for Time-Strapped Owners

One thing that can dictate the success of small businesses is search engine optimization (SEO). Even though a small business owner has a day packed to the brim, they should try as much as possible to prioritize this. Most of them even believe that investing in paid advertising is better than having customers access their business through organic links. Contrary to this, statistics show that the customers are nine times more likely to obtain information about a company through an organic link than following the paid advertisement. For this reason, the business owner should set up a strategy that will ensure that the business ranks well even when competing with much larger businesses.

For one to benefit from SEO, they do not have to invest heavily, just a simple strategy and they are good to go. Here are some of the tips and tactics that one can adopt.

Researching on keywords

The entrepreneur has to research and learn the words, phrases, and terms that customers mostly key in search engines. They can even make a further step and figure out some information on a topic that can be related to the business. After doing this, they can now create content that will be useful by creating a page on their website or creating a blog. The content should always be targeting the keywords.

There are different ways that an entrepreneur can use to know what to write. First, they can find out what their ideal customer searches for. If they manage to answer the question adequately, SERPs will recognize them as a top choice when displaying results.

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They can also analyze Google’s autocomplete suggestions. These suggestions are the most searched phrases on the internet. They can be used as content ideas.

For a keyword strategy to work correctly, the keywords have to be updated occasionally, since the trends keep on changing.

Focusing on local SEO

The most crucial part of applying this tip is by setting up a Google My Business Profile. Creating them is free and maintaining them is very easy. Of all the mobile searches on the internet, 30% of them are location-based searches, for example, Jacksonville SEO companies. Even if *Jacksonville* term is omitted, the Google algorithm will automatically prioritize the local options around. The My Business profile comes into play here, capitalizing on this opportunity.

Another essential feature of the profile is the question and answer section. Here the entrepreneur can answer the questions and issues that are most likely to be raised, making the customer experience as smoother and easier as it would ever be.

Using links to establish authority

According to Google, quality (and quantity as well) backlinks are a good sign that the website is worth a visit. Therefore, when a website has links from other sites on it, the chances of being at the top of search results are high since it has a higher SERP ranking.

For a site to have local links, a strategy has to be laid. The entrepreneur can create a spreadsheet that contains names and emails of their contacts; they can even include positive media mentions such as bloggers and magazines.

Streamlining the contents marketing

Since this requires more resources (which small businesses might be short of), it takes hard work and energy. It is also time-consuming. However, the business owner can still get the most out of it by

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Using templates

Sharing the business content on different social media platforms

Creating visual contents such as videos.

Some companies, such as the Jacksonville SEO companies, have great SEO strategies to use. When the policy is successful, the business will be able to raise its website traffic, which will, in turn, increase brand visibility. The growth will be better, and the opportunities will increase.