Small Home Business Success: 5 Simple Steps to Make 2012 Absolutely Amazing

If you’ve been following along with my recent series of posts, you may have noticed a pattern.

And that’s by design.

Because since success of any kind is only possible when you take an inside, out approach, I’ve spent the past month or so exploring the role that belief takes in achieving small home business success.

To recap: Thoughts, feelings and beliefs that focus on small business success will get you there from here, while those that entertain the notion of failure, a “Plan B,” or worst-case scenarios won’t.

Now it’s time to include some very practical steps that you can take on a daily basis to achieve small home business success on a massive level.

One quick note before we get into it:

If you don’t have a clear, written statement for what it is that you want to achieve this year (how much you want to earn, how many hours you want to work every day, where you want to vacation as a reward for your consistent effort, etc.), you need to do that first.

Seriously. Know before you go.

Okay. Now, on to those five simple steps:

Small Home Business Success Step One: Work from your strengths.

Being your own boss is fantastic. It’s also a lot of work. But since you get to choose what kind of work you want to do, why not make it something that you’re good at (or want to be good at)?

If you’re a writer, article marketing might be the way to go. If you like teaching, recording videos on a particular subject could be your cup of tea.

It doesn’t matter how you do your work, just as long as what you do gets you up in the morning.

Small Home Business Success Step Two: Trust your instincts.

There are just as many ways to hit $50,000 months in network marketing as there are people doing it, but if someone suggests a plan of action and it doesn’t feel right for you, it’s not going to work.

Trust your gut. Go with what feels right – even if that takes you off the beaten path. You can’t go wrong if you’re following your lights.

Small Business Home Success Step Three: Devise a brainless strategy.

Whatever it is that you decide to do, build a strategy around it and make it something that you can do every day, virtually on auto pilot.

And then, get busy. Plan your work, work your plan. Success won’t happen overnight, but it will come within a matter of months – if you’re consistent.

Small Home Business Success Step Four: Adjust as you go.

One of the biggest mistakes that network marketing people make is to doggedly follow their system, even if it’s obvious that it’s not working.

Every now and again, you need to step back, evaluate what you’re doing, and make sure that it’s getting the results that you want.

If not, have the courage to make an adjustment, try something new, or ask for help and guidance.

Small Home Business Success Step Five: Practice extreme self care.

Being your own boss means that you are your most valuable asset, so it’s important to take good care of yourself. Extremely good care.

Be sure to include downtime in your strategy, and then honor that time. Schedule in a monthly massage, take a walk every day at the same time, or treat yourself to a Friday movie matinee – whatever makes you feel good. Doing so will help keep you focused and excited about your work, and will accelerate your success.

So, what do you say? Ready to make 2012 an embarrassment of riches – on every level? Practice these five simple steps, and you’ll be well on your way to small home business success.

By lexutor