It has been the dream of many people to start a new business and develop it ever since the internet provides a lot of resources. With various Google Searches on “how to start a business” you will find many tutorials, forums, content, and suggestions to run. However, there are still many people who make common mistakes when starting a business. So wasting their time and money.

Today, we will be discussing what needs to be controlled when starting a new business. We will discuss:

The type of company
Launch online
Final calculation


It’s easy to lose your costs when you start a business because you do not know what to expect. For example, depending on the type of business you are working on, you will experience fees, rental fees, employee fees, registration fees, and other fees.

If you have not saved to start a business, then maybe you will experience some problems, especially if you make a decision too soon. We consider you planning ahead before starting the business and the necessary costs. This method helps you to calculate money and will not get caught up in trouble when you run your business.


You have several choices when your business, and it’s important to know how each option plays your bottom line. Some types of registrations will save you money on startup costs, but you will pay more expensive taxes. Other business registration fees may cost more, but give you little tax deductions. Before starting a business, you should have done research on the type of business registration that suits your needs. For example, you must meet the following:

Limited liability company
Charity organizations

Try to look at company formation and find what works best. Your decision should be based on the number of employees you need and maybe you want to own company assets such as cars, commercial units, and loans.


Big companies all the time have spent billions of rupiah marketing costs to make their product brands better known on a national and even international level. While when you start a business, you will think about how to promote your product. Marketing costs can be high if you use online channels like Google AdWords, Bing, and social media. Then maybe you would think offline channels like magazines, newspapers, and brochures.

It is very important to you a marketing budget that suits your needs, including the cost of preparing for your startup launch.


Almost every business has an online launch and so do you, should you consider it. The Internet has connected people from all over the world, and they can become your future consumers. However, in order to attract the attention of this vast audience, you must make your brand known online. Starting from creating a website that can get away in just a few weeks using the WordPress platform. Here are some things to do when creating a website for business:

What is your online destination? (For example, consumer acquisition, brand awareness, etc.)
What is the desired design for your website?
Who will take care of your website?
What information do you want to present on your website?
What menu, page, blog, and layout do you want?


Business is about profit, and if you do not produce it, you might think to start it. For the necessary purposes. Suppose, after doing the calculations correctly, you whose products cost the most production costs, and maybe you. If you do not have a passion in accounting, then you can hire an accountant to help you.


By lexutor