The Facts and Uses of the Glock Trigger Connector

The Glock trigger connector is an often-overlooked component. First designed in 1979, it controls the resistance of the trigger pull. Certain types of connectors can make the trigger pull heavier, while others can make it lighter. Here are some things to know about this component.

Ghost connectors eliminate bump.

Glock connectors eliminate the bump on a glock trigger connector, a major problem that can negatively impact your first-shot accuracy. They are designed to eliminate this problem, allowing you to achieve a cleaner and faster trigger reset. Also, the Glock design eliminates the bump on most triggers.

The Glock trigger connectors are also designed to improve the trigger pull and eliminate over-travel, giving you a smoother trigger press and improving accuracy. The Glock trigger connectors are designed for use in duty and carry guns and are designed for the shortest possible trigger pull.

They improve trigger reset.

Drop-in replacement trigger connectors for Glock pistols are designed to improve trigger reset and trigger performance. These connectors’ high-polished stainless steel surfaces allow for a smoother, lighter trigger pull and faster trigger reset. In addition, a new built-in debris channel prevents overtravel, which results in a crisper, lighter trigger pull. You can easily switch back to the original connector if you wish.

Before deciding which Glock trigger connectors to purchase, learn how to use the stock trigger connector; it’s easier than you might think. Swapping the factory trigger pull with a new one is not complicated—moving the trigger forward and backward several times.

They minimize sponginess

Aftermarket trigger connectors can help to minimize the sponginess of a Glock trigger. These connectors adjust the sear’s distance from the striker to optimize the trigger pull’s weight and length. In addition, some models have an additional protrusion for the sear, while others add space for the sear to move. This gives you more control over the trigger pull and reduces the chance of damaging the gun’s frame.

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The Reset connector is an older-style connector designed to emulate the Glock of the past. This connector gives a trigger pull of eight lbs. While it may seem like a better choice, it has disadvantages. The reset connector is the same as the unmarked and dot connectors but has a slightly softer ledge. It is recommended to have a qualified gunsmith install the connector.

They eliminate creep

Drop-in trigger kits are a good way to reduce creep, but they do not eliminate it. Unless you are shooting an SAO or DA/SA pistol that does not have creep, there is no need to change your trigger connectors. These kits have several advantages over the original Glock triggers, including adjustable trigger pull weight, a shorter trigger reset, and a smoother, more consistent trigger pull.

Most Glock triggers have a small amount of creep, which is normal. The amount of creep is governed by the angle at which the trigger bar moves down. Lighter connectors will have a lower angle so that the trigger will move down less quickly. Lighter connectors will also reduce the weight of the trigger pull.

They are easy to install

Glock trigger connectors are a great way to upgrade your pistol without spending a fortune on a new gun. In addition, they have self-cleaning channels to help keep the trigger free of debris. As a result, they are a great choice for law enforcement, military, and sporting applications.

The Glock connector is nickel plated and finely polished for the smoothest trigger pull. This means that the connector will last a long time. Its plated surface will also reduce friction. The connector will take about 2 pounds off the trigger pull, leaving the gun with a 3.5-pound trigger press.

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They are “defensive.”

Whether you’re planning to carry your Glock for personal protection or military purposes, it’s important to have a good trigger connector for your Glock. It should be smooth and will lessen the weight of the trigger press and pull. It should also reduce reset time. Glock provides three different types of connectors. Additionally, the connector should have a small flange that engages with the slide’s track during a reset.