Offices, schools and many other public places have to develop plans to keep their employees and patrons safe in case of an emergency. The first step in creating these procedures is knowing what you need to prepare for. Here are some types of emergency plans you need.


Fire response plans are important for every organization since fires can occur anywhere at any time. There are many corporate news sources that can help you determine the best course of action and how to implement it.

Extreme Weather

The types of extreme weather emergencies you should account for depends on geographical location. For example, Midwestern locations should plan for tornadoes, offices in California should plan for mudslides and the east coast should prepare for hurricanes. In addition to developing strategies to handle such scenarios, you should consistently monitor extreme weather warnings.

Active Shooter

Hopefully, your organization will never experience any threats of violence, but it is important to acknowledge that possibility and be ready to act when needed. Companies should create notification systems, such as text alerts, to get crucial information to employees quickly. Additionally, you will need to determine procedures for contacting the police, barricading doors, hiding, and evacuating.


Hurricanes can usually be predicted by scientists, allowing time to issue warnings to the general public. However, you should prepare for the worst-case scenario in which there is no warning. There should be designated spaces that are safe for people to take shelter when needed.

Public Health Crisis

Until recently, most businesses had not given any thought as to what they would do if there were a public health crisis, making shutdowns from the COVID-19 pandemic challenging. Companies should determine a back-up plan in case they ever need to shift to remote work without warning.

Developing procedures to respond to emergencies helps ensure the safety of both colleagues and clients. Staff should be made aware of these plans and practice them often. Signage should also be posted telling people what to do when disasters occur.

By lexutor