Why Should I Pay For This?

When you decide to sell your car you repair it, clean it and polish it. When you go for a job interview you brush your teeth, comb your hair and dress well. But what steps do you take to sell your house? We don’t think twice before bringing our car to a garage or going to a hair-dresser for a haircut. But why do we think it is not necessary to prepare our houses for sale by a real professional? Isn’t it just a question of habit? I agree you probably won’t be able to cut your own hair… But is it worth paying 60$ for a 30 minute haircut? Maybe not, but we do it anyway, just because that’s WHAT PEOPLE DO.

We bring our car to a garage for a quick check up because we do not believe we have the right qualification to do it ourselves. But can’t we learn? I am sure it cannot be THAT difficult. After all, didn’t I graduate from University? We hire nannies because of the lack of time. We hire cleaning services just because we hate cleaning.


A professional Home Stager will share with you his/hers expertise (Interior Decoration training, Home Staging training, extensive practical skills and a really good understanding of the Real Estate market)

It will save you time (it will sell faster and you won’t have be always prepared for endless visits)

It will even save you money, because you probably won’t have to reduce your asking price

It will give you back your negotiating power and a peace of mind

Just think about it.

Services for all budgets. It is possible to make big changes with a very little investment…

We offer you a “turnkey” solution thanks to our experts in:

Cleaning services

Interior painting / Color schemes

Repairs and renovations

By lexutor