Your Internet Marketing Adventure 4 – Do You Need an Action Plan?

Your Internet Marketing Adventure 4 – Do You Need an Action Plan?

Depending on who you have invested with – whether it be a Guru’s coaching program or you have got a mentor and purchased an online product, the next step is to make a process plan or action plan for your on line business. As I have mentioned in previous articles, there is a real possibility of investing into your online business and seeing if fail very quickly, the main reason being that you don’t have a dedicated plan of action. This plan will allow you to focus on your initial internet marketing option and not get distracted by other great sounding options, which you will receive on a daily basis. The plan will also allow you to channel your enthusiasm towards your goals and objectives.

Rich Schefren, one of THE internet Guru’s has produced in his ‘The Final Chapter’ report a fantastic diagram that contains the 7 areas of requirement to ensure success. They are Vision, Strength, Passion, Resources, Alliance Partners, Powerful Tactics and Action Plan. Putting all 7 into action correctly results in Success. Missing one particular one out will result in a variety of negative outcomes. When it comes to missing the Action Plan out, your end result will be False Starts. You see, we all get carried away when we are excited about something new. I know I did. When I found out that there were ways of making money on the internet, legitimately, I couldn’t wait to get started. However, I found that I had false starts. This was because I had no plan of action or process plan. I just threw myself in 100% but going in no direction in particular and I wondered why I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. It became apparent quite quickly that I needed to change my approach, or run the risk of investing my time and little money I had into systems and programs that would not provide me with the additional income I had expected from the internet.

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An Action Plan was born. It was tough, but I had to direct my enthusiasm into creating my Action Plan instead of going 100mph in no direction in particular. Once the plan was created and in place, I could put all my enthusiasm back into getting things done, safe in the knowledge that everything I was doing was all working to one achievable goal.

Aside from realizing that I had no direction and hence a number of False Starts, I also realized that I couldn’t do everything myself. This is a big hurdle to overcome, because like you, when I started I believed that I had to try and do everything myself; firstly, to learn how to do all these new things and secondly to keep the cost to the business as low as possible. How wrong I was! In fact, part of my Action plan was how to delegate many of the jobs that needed to be undertaken to someone else. Rich Schefren’s reports, The Internet Manifesto, The Missing Chapter and The Final Chapter are essential reads for this area – he goes through exactly how to get your Action Plan in place to ensure that you are putting all 7 requirements for success into play.