Things To Know About Concealed Carry

Carrying a concealed weapon may seem like an appealing way to ensure your personal protection. However, before you purchase a firearm and holster, such as a concealed ankle holster, you should understand a few things about carrying concealed.

Remain Calm

You must be able to remain calm in stressful situations. You need to calmly and rationally assess a situation to determine whether you truly need to draw your weapon to protect yourself. Those with hair trigger tempers can cause greater damage and reveal their concealed weapon by overreacting to situations that may not require pulling a weapon. Flashing your …

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4 Things You Need if You Own a Horse

If you are thinking about purchasing a new family pet, you need to consider all of the things that pet needs. Owning a horse comes with a particular set of challenges that other animals do not have.


A horse is a big responsibility and is not something to be taken lightly. If you plan to take your horse to shows or use it in rodeos, you should seriously consider horse insurance. This will protect you if anything happens to your horse.


Horses are large animals. They can weigh anywhere from 900 lbs to 2000 lbs and need …

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