How Is Steel Made?

Have you ever wondered how metal fabrication dallas tx? Here’s how it’s done.

Your metal fabrication dallas tx begins with reducing iron (pig iron production), which is later converted into steel.

You need the raw materials to use, which are:

  • Iron Ore,
  • Coke and

Coke is burned as fuel to heat the furnace, and as it burns, it releases carbon monoxide, which combines with the iron oxides in the ore and reduces them to iron.

Limestone from the furnace charge is an additional source of carbon monoxide and a fluxing substance. This material combines with the silica in the …

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How Are Electrical Cables Made?

Nowadays, we take for granted many of the things we have at our fingertips; we usually don’t even wonder about their origin until they break down and we need to replace them. One of the most overlooked things is electrical wires. Have you ever noticed that your home, office, and hobby could not function well without those tiny, insignificant strands that ensure that the electrical charge or information flows appropriately? Do you have any idea who designs them, what it takes to build them, why they are the shape and thickness they are, who makes them, and how? What is …

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