3 Keys To Excellent Business Communication


Just like in your personal life, it is essential to be a good communicator in the workplace, whether it’s verbally or in writing. When you need to distill down potentially complex topics like accounting & finance, it is even more important to make sense and be understood. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult if you simply follow a few basic tips.

1. Avoid Industry Jargon

You might be talking to someone that has worked in your career field for years or it might be someone that’s brand new to it, or even to the workforce in general. Use language that can be easily understood either way. If you must use a very specific term, make sure to ask if you should define it before moving on to the next topic. That will help to not confuse the context of the conversation.

2. Make Time To Listen

It’s important that you convey your message, but it may be more vital you are hearing the feedback the others in the room or on the call have for you. What are their questions? Do they have thoughts about how to move forward with a particular project? Be an active listener, not only to verbal cues but also to body language including facial expressions and stance.

3. Follow Up

Take good notes during business interactions. Repeat what you think you’ve heard to make sure it’s what the other person intended to convey. Make a list of action items and ask for help with completing them from the appropriate parties. If there are items that are not resolved after a certain amount of time, make sure to circle back.

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In many ways, business communication is common sense. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Work with honesty and transparency. Look for shared goals and move towards them as a team. That vision will lead to success.