There are plenty of factors that come into play when choosing the best permanent makeup school for your needs. Cost, location, and time commitment are all important considerations for students. You may also be wondering what you will learn in a class like this. Here are a few lessons that are taught in every permanent makeup class.

Safety, Sanitization, and Sterilization

This is the most important thing students will learn in permanent makeup school. It is extremely important that every inch of a permanent makeup artist’s workspace is sterilized to avoid the risk of infection. Because tattoos are technically considered open wounds, safety should always be a permanent makeup artist’s number one priority.

Color Theory

Because permanent makeup is a form of art, learning about color mixing and theory is essential to this line of work. Permanent makeup artists should feel comfortable working with all skin tones and hair colors. It is especially important with techniques like microblading to be able to match the shade of hair.


Many permanent makeup artists work as independent contractors and must learn to run their own businesses. They may be in charge of advertising their services, marketing, taking care of fees, etc. Therefore, learning business skills is imperative to running a successful practice.

Anatomy and Physiology

Learning about anatomy and physiology is crucial for permanent makeup students. A good understanding of various body parts and skin types is necessary for permanent makeup artists to succeed in their careers.

There is a lot that goes into learning about the art of permanent makeup. Many people don’t realize how many hours students put in studying various aspects of the business. While this list just barely scratches the surface of what permanent makeup students learn in school, all lessons taught are important for students to excel as permanent makeup artists.





By lexutor