Searches OneSearch , which includes Georgetown and Consortium holdings , lots of the Georgetown databases, and quite a lot of different resources. WINDHOEK – Bank of Namibia maintains its position that the popular Journey Venture International (TVI) Specific is a pyramid scheme , and can be compelled to go after these engaged in the scheme, because it contravenes Namibian banking legal guidelines.

The Bank of Namibia due to this fact appeals to each legislation-abiding citizen of this country to refrain from taking part in any actions of H&C and TVI Categorical,” says Ndangi Katoma, head of company communication of the Bank of Namibia.

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Sponsors are the agents of tviexpress,therfore for policemen to arrest them is complete highly unproper they must arrest the beneficiaries which are in europe,asia,india and many others.Failing to do so will ended up contructing unnecesariry arrest which can destroy the vast majority of South African households and depart kids remoted with out parents.Every dad or mum want their families to have the funds for like a few of our flesh pressers.

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