Can You Make Money With MonaVie?

MonaVie has become extremely popular in the last few years particularly because the Health and Wellness industry is at an all time high. People are searching for ways to be healthy in a world that no longer makes that an easy task. MonaVie is a juice that is comprised of a fruit called Acai. Acai is a fruit which contains high levels of antioxidants and other health advantages. Another benefit to this product is that it offers its customers and business opportunity as well.

First MonaVie offers a great product. It has proven success and Acai has been proven by many health experts to offer positive health benefits. One of the keys to making money and having success is first and foremost the product or service you offer. Being that this is a proven product, it makes this opportunity legitimate. Another reason why MonaVie is a good opportunity is because they offer pretty clear guidelines for success as long as you follow them. MonaVie offers the potential to make a lot of money selling their products and juices, as well as building a team of members selling underneath you. In fact the opportunity offers multiple avenues for members to make money.

MonaVie offers 9 avenues to make money as a member. The first method is direct sales. This means that you make money when you sell the MonaVie juice and products. The member buys the product at a wholesale price and sells the product to customers at a retail price. After direct sales, there are multiple ways to earn commissions and bonuses. When you add members to your team and they sell MonaVie, you receive money. You receive a bonus when certain sales levels are reached by you and your team members, and also offers bonuses on company sales. This compensation plan might play to your strong suits or it may not.

Even though this opportunity provides enormous potential, there are disadvantages to the opportunity. As you might know, direct sales is not the easiest thing to master. You have to hunt for your customers and leads and go out of your way to post signs and host events that allow you to market your product and generate those leads. Unless you have momentum selling the opportunity or the product to prospects, it continues to be harder and harder to stay motivated. If you are not motivated, the marketing and events start to loose their power and ultimately you stop making money. The other disadvantage is it takes a long time to build a team underneath you that is selling at high enough levels to where you are receiving meaningful commissions and bonuses residually. Only then after you have a team several levels deep who are all selling the MonaVie product at fairly high levels, you have the potential to make a lot of money.

I am not affiliated with MonaVie, but I have used the product and was satisfied with what they offered. The one thing you need to think about before embarking on this opportunity though is can you sell the product. Like I said before, it is a good product but requires in person events, and the purchasing of signs and advertisements that might cost money. You can not make money with MonaVie if you can not sell the products and the company to prospects. It also seems to me that the MonaVie business opportunity places a lot of your chances at success in other peoples hands.

By lexutor