Can You Make Money on eBay?

This is a question I get asked a lot by individuals who want to start their own eBay business: Can you still make money on eBay? As I have been asked this question numerous of times, I thought I would write this article to try and help any new eBay sellers out there who are considering setting up an eBay business and want to know if it is still possible to make money on eBay.

Making money on eBay is not as easy as it was 10 years ago due to more competition, rising eBay fees, postage costs and PayPal fees but it’s still possible! If it wasn’t, then how come there are thousands of people who work full time on eBay selling products?

What a lot of new eBay sellers fail to realise is that it takes time and a lot of patience to build up sales and to make money on eBay. You need to remember that you cannot expect to build up a huge eBay business in a day. It might take months or even years before you could even consider quitting your full time job.

Before starting your eBay business, you need to do a lot of research into what sells and what does not and find a niche you want to start selling into. Once you have found your niche, you need to find products that sell quickly on eBay. High demand products are the best products to start with as they will give you a chance to make a few sales quickly.

The general trend for new eBay sellers is to quit after a few months of starting an eBay business. Why? Most of these people are after a “get rich quick” scheme and are simply not happy with a couple of quid profit. What they fail to realise is that most powersellers on eBay only make a few quid on each product! So how do they make money on eBay if they are only making on average A�2 an item? Well it’s simple, simply list more items! If you come across a powerseller on eBay, have a look in their eBay shop and see how items they have listed. Chances are, they will have thousands! This is the key to eBay success. These powersellers are selling 50-100 items a day at A�2 profit per item. This gives them A�100 – A�200 a day profit.

So yes, I believe that you can still make money on eBay, you just need to find your niche, source your products and be prepared for some hard work. Remember, what you put in, you will get out and success doesn’t happen overnight.

By lexutor