Make Money Fast Online – A Myth Or Reality?

Are you going crazy being told over and over that it’s possible to make money fast online? Do you think it is possible?

Well the short answer is yes, but one cannot make that statement without throwing out at least a couple of caveats.

One of the things that both attracts and repels people about Internet marketing is this idea that it is possible to make money fast online.

For those of us that are attracted to the concept, we feel drawn to the dream of becoming an overnight millionaire. Making money in piles and retiring to a life of luxury sounds pretty good.

For those of us that are repelled, we are overcome with the old-school feeling that high quality, high integrity businesses don’t make money “fast”. They build on foundations and develop relationships, both of which take time by definition.

So then how can the answer be yes?

Here is where people get mislead in Internet marketing, sometimes by unscrupulous marketers and sometimes by simply having an unrealistic view of things. This is what scares people away and it’s also what makes people give up after trying for a while and failing.

The truth is that the people that can make money fast online can do so because they have the foundations and relationships in place from a lot of hard work and dedication. They leverage these foundations and relationships that are already in place to launch a new product or promote an affiliate program.

It’s the results of THESE launches and promotions that you see online on sales pages and in e-mails.

I would pay good money for somebody to show me evidence of ANYONE who has struck it rich quickly in Internet marketing.

I have studied and researched Internet marketing for years and have been an entrepreneur my entire life. I have also bought and read through many different courses on Internet Marketing and of course they all had sales pitches and made claims about their products that were lofty.

What you actually get after you click the BUY NOW button varies dramatically. There are some absolute dogs and there are some gems, but in every single situation there is work to be done. There are step by step processes and daily activities.

My NUMBER ONE suggestion to help accelerate the process succeeding online is to find a reputable mentor that resonates with you on a personal level who has also experienced true financial success in online marketing. Then you are in position to borrow on their experience, momentum and leverage.

What I mean by this is that they have followings of students and fans who can become your partners, followers or leaders. They have made all the mistakes and can help you avoid them. They have discovered better ways to do things that can speed up your progress.

Anyone can make money with an online business model, but the only people who can make money fast online are the people who have put in the practice, done the research and paid the price already.

Don’t go out looking for get rich quick solutions. Unless you accept the reality that plain old hard work is required, you will spend a lot of money looking for something that just isn’t there.

By lexutor