Creative Ways to Make Money – 3 Top Ways

1. Amazon.

The first is to make money promoting Amazon’s products. People trust the brand name, the website sells a massive range of products and you make up to 10% commission every time you generate a sale for Amazon. When you look at some of their higher priced items you can see how 10% commission you could generate a very good income for you.

The way you get started is to open an Amazon Affiliate account. Then you can either promote individual products or you can create what is called an a-store where you can choose loads of products that you want to put in your online store. A special code is embedded in your store so that all sales from your store can be tracked back to you. The more sales you make in any month, the higher your commission goes.

2. Creative ways to make money – Use your Digital Camera.

Did you know that you can make money using your digital camera? You don’t need to be an expert photographer. Here’s how this works; People and Companies need images for their websites, leaflets, books, calendars, brochures and so on. It’s not usually cost-effective to hire a professional to shoot all the pictures they need. It’s far cheaper for them to go to an online image bank where they can scroll through 1000’s of photographs and choose the ones they want.

They pay for each photograph and the image bank then pays the photographer who took each photo a commission. The beauty of this for anyone with a digital camera is that each photo you take can be sold over and over again!

3. Creative ways to make money – Use eBay and dropshippers.

There is massive potential to make money on eBay, but guess what? You don’t need to make products or buy products to sell on eBay – you can use a ‘middle-man’ called a Dropshipper. A dropshipper is a company who have products that you can sell on eBay and they send the product to your customer for you when you make a sale.

They get their price for the product so they are happy and you make your profit, based on the end sale price you manage to get via eBay. Some dropshippers will also provide photos of their products too, and text you can use to describe the product. The benefit for you is that you don’t need cash to buy stock, and you don’t spend precious time queuing at the post office every day or week mailing out loads of items you have sold.

The downside is that not all dropshippers are efficient at sending out products quickly, and some are less trustworthy than others. This could harm your eBay feedback which is very detrimental for you. So, make sure you spend some time researching for good dropshippers before you decide which ones to use.

There are plenty more creative ways to make money on my website, so I hope you find the best one for you.

By lexutor