Make Money Writing: Achieve Your Writing Goals

Want to make money writing? If you do, you’ll need to not only set goals, but you’ll also need to actively work to achieve your goals, each and every day.

Most of the goals we set are merely wishes. You can change your wishes into goals by making your wishes specific, measurable, and achievable.

If you set your goal as “I want to make money writing” — that’s a wish. I’m sure you have lots of wishes: to pay off your mortgage, to spend more time with your family, to learn to cook…

Turn your wishes into goals.

For example, here’s a goal created from the wish above: “By June 20, 2012 I make $5,000 a month from my writing. I do this by writing articles for clients. I find the clients on the outsourcing sites.”

Setting Goals Means Choosing the Life You Want

Setting a goal means making a choice. If you choose a goal, and keep your goal in the forefront of your mind, you’ll choose to actively move towards it. In other words, you’ll choose the life you want. If you fail to set a goal, you’ll drift through life, reacting to challenges as they occur, and wondering why you don’t have the life you want… You don’t have it, because you haven’t chosen.


Set your goal first, and once you’ve set it, here’s how to achieve it.

1. Write Down the Benefits You’ll Gain

What benefits will you gain when you achieve your goal? Close your eyes, and imagine those benefits. Perhaps you’d be able to quit your day job. What would that feel like? Perhaps you’d have more security — how would it feel to be able to pay off all your debts?

2. Write Down the Obstacles in Your Way

Your obstacles to achievement will be both external, and internal. For example, an external obstacle might be that you have no time to write. An internal obstacle might be your self-doubt. You wonder whether anyone would hire you to write. List as many obstacles as you can.

3. Write Down All the Assets You Possess

What assets will help you to achieve your goal? As with obstacles, your assets can be both external, and internal.

An external asset: you have a client list of people who’ve already hired you to write. Doubtless they’ll hire you again.

An internal asset: your own determination to succeed.

4. Create a Plan

Create a plan: things to do to help you to achieve your goal.

Tip: your plan can be simple. It’s just meant to break your inertia. As you work your plan, your goal will come into sharp focus, and you’ll know what you need to do.

5. Work With Your Plan Each Day

Create daily tasks from your plan. Complete your tasks each day. Each week, review your plan, and alter it. Create fresh tasks.

You can make money writing. All you need to do is set goals, and then achieve them. Start today.

By lexutor