Making Money Online Shouldn’t Be Hard

Why is it so hard to get started making money in the online world? There are so many ways to lose money while trying to learn these days. It is still possible to make money online, but it takes some money to do it, and it takes time. It really shouldn’t be so hard to make money online. The biggest thing it takes is patience. Don’t fall for the over night success stories out there. They are only trying to sell you something to help them succeed. If you put in the work you will get the traffic you need to make the sales online. Stick with it, write your daily articles, write your daily blogs, keep keywords in mind in everything you write, and the SEO and backlinks will eventually bring the traffic.

When a beginner starts out they are given a lot of false promises. Many times they are told “you will make money in 24 hours”. Then they are given a money back guarantee. When I see that, it is a “no brainer”. I think, “If I don’t make money in 24 hours, I’ll just get my money back. Then they are told, there will be no up sell, this is all you have to do, buy their product, follow their instructions, and then money will pour in. They show you this, on their screen. After you buy their product, they say, but wait, if you want more money, buy this more expensive product. If you don’t buy it they make you feel as if you won’t make the money in 24 hours unless you buy the more expensive product. They tell you will still make money, just not as much and not as fast. Once you get the product, you try it and find that they are right. You might make money, but it wont be in 24 hours, and it wont be much. It makes me think one of two things, either I made a mistake not buying the more expensive product, or I made a mistake buying this at all.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are honest guys out there that will help the beginner. But there are a whole lot more guys out there just trying to make another dollar off the newbies. Much of what is taught after the money is paid, can be found in many free places. There are blogs, and training sites out there. I know of at least one that offers free video training. They also have things for sale to help you, but they offer the teaching up for free front. I like that, it builds trust. If you want to make a sale, work on getting the traffic. If you want to keep making sales, you need to be a site that people trust. I don’t just go to Kroger because they have the best price, they don’t all of the time. I go because I know the quality of product is good. I go because I know where to find everything. I go because the people are friendly. And now, I go because they recognize me. You want return customers, then recognize them, through emails, or free things that make them want to come to your site.

So as I have said, making money online shouldn’t be hard. It only is because the sharks out there make it look as if you should be making thousands over night, when the reality is the thousands come when you have the established traffic, the quality product to sell, the return customers, and an honest respected history.

By lexutor