Dabbling in the forex world, we have to hone intuition how to analyze accurate forex. In pursuing the world of traders, what should be done is to read the analysis of forex movement from the existing chart board. The chart that movements are similar to the heartbeat, not just left alone. There needs to be an analysis of when traders should buy or sell. If the wrong analysis can be large capital acquired lost in an instant. That is the unique world of forex that can bring huge profits in a few seconds. But it can also eliminate large capital in few seconds anyway. Therefore in order to survive, the science of accurate forex analysis you must master.


Here are tips for analyzing a good Forex.

There is one thing you need to underline. In the world of forex, there is no method or way that is really appropriate in analyzing. Everything you can not guess. Also do not forget to follow fxtrade 777 to know the news of the world economy.

In doing the analysis process to be near perfect or accurate, there are several factors that must be considered. Some of these factors are market conditions and indicator conditions. Discussing the first is market conditions, there are 4 types of market conditions that often occur. These four market conditions require a way of self-analysis so that one way you can not use in some market conditions. In addition to market factors, the selection of the right indicators should also be considered. Selection of the right indicators will make the analysis more accurate.

Swing Condition

Swing conditions occur when the movement of the market happens turbulence back and forth but flat. Because of the turbulent movement, it finally made an alley. The corridor will divide into two, the upper aisle and the lower aisle. At the top called the support area and the bottom is called the resistance area. When this condition occurs traders can do away called scalping. The trader must sell when in area resistance and buy when in the support area.

The next step is to find the entry points that are in the two areas of resistance and support. The first one creates a line of resistance and support. Then place the stochastic oscillator indicator which will signal traders to prepare themselves to enter the capital market. To find a reputable broker you can read tradex1.com.

Break Conditions

Break or volatile conditions occur when the market moves through the barrier, thus destroying it. Because of that phenomenon, the market power is very strong. Due to market forces that multiply, do not be surprised if the movement runs very fast. When in this situation, then the next market direction you can guess. If the candle does break and the result is bearish, the forward market direction will decrease. Meanwhile, if the candle does break and the result is bullish, the future market direction will go up.

Saturated Condition

This condition occurs when the market seems unable to move again. When this happens, the trader can use an oscillator indicator such as stochastic, money flow index or RSI. When the saturation condition is occurring, the market direction will decrease. On the contrary, the direction of the market will rise when oversold. The analysis you can do in these circumstances is to focus on defining entry points. That’s some way of accurate forex analysis.

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